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Today, my family and I are driving down to France and it's going to take 4 hours. If that wasn't bad enough, my mum decides that she is going to listen to the CD my sister bought her for Christmas on repeat for the whole journey. It's Lady Gaga. FML
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lady gaga is AMAZING. feel priviledged ;) although If you hate her so much, FYL

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i really have on opinion on lady gaga, but i feel like the whole purpose of the fml was just to rag on lady gaga. honestly, nobody cares who the OP likes or dislikes, so stop begging for attention. also, you can use an ipod, cd player, whatever to block out the noise and listen to whatever you want. so yeah...get over it.


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at least its not some whiny emo band, although Lady Gaga's "I'm so original for wearing too much makeup and acting like an attention ***** 14 year old" attitude is bad enough

Some 'whiny emo bands' actually make good music that I (and possibly the OP) really like. Don't assume they're all universally hated, if they were then they wouldn't be around,

For the record, i am totally using that quote from now on. #1 = win.

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SaintJimmy do you say the same thing when someone makes fun of country or gospel music

No but I imagine somebody who likes country or gospel music would.

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i really have on opinion on lady gaga, but i feel like the whole purpose of the fml was just to rag on lady gaga. honestly, nobody cares who the OP likes or dislikes, so stop begging for attention. also, you can use an ipod, cd player, whatever to block out the noise and listen to whatever you want. so yeah...get over it.

Lady Gaga's not bad... so she wears insane clothing but her music is better then listening to old pple music or like others said "whiny emo music" . so stop complaining like an idiot. i bet your mom has better taste in music than you do. if u hate her music so much, listen to an ipod, wear ear plugs, or just try managing for 4 hours cuz its not like ur having a 9 hour drive or something.

"old ppl music"? seriously? Are you that shallow?

#80, how exactly does someone go about "looking like whinny emo"? (:

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I bet #92's picture looked like Star Jones before she photoshopped it

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So not liking Lady Gaga makes you a coward? How does that make sense at all? I guess I'm a coward too, sorry that we cant all like the same music as you :/

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Holy crap! It's you, mercyFML! I'm your biggest fan! I'll follow you until you love me!!! Papa-paparazzi!

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Old people music... Like The Beatles? Like Pink Floyd? Led Zeppelin? The Who? Simon and Garfunkle? The Zombies? The Animals? Rolling Stones? Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young? A MILLION OTHER ARTISTS that are infinitely times better than the crap pouring out of studios today. You stupid children sicken me. Until you've listened to real music don't EVER try to give an opinion on music. And I'm a high schooler for gods sake! John Lennon would be rolling in his grave if he could hear this.

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eat the cd so she will never be able to play it, but I like lady gaga

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I love how you foreign people say mum. "mum, did you wash my britches for tea with Scottie, today?"

@Pinkfloyd: Amen. @ the person above me: Nice way to end the tension. I like it better when British people say 'Ruffian' though.

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SaintJimmy, can I assume you're a Green Day fan? They're life. Either way, the point is that the OP doesn't like Lady Gaga. However "talented" Gaga may be, the OP clearly hates her music and has to listen to her for four hours. It's an FML.

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this fml is fake becuz i remember hearing this wen it was january

That's bullshit. She's isn't an attention *****. wtf fourteen year old are you stupid? Another person who judges a book by it's cover.

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I'm not a ***** or emo at all, and I love listening to sexual music and "whiny emo music" that I believe you're referring to as metal and screamo. I dress normally, I don't cut myself, and I'm a virgin. I don't like to criticize any music except country and rap. they're both shit.

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YDI for being the dumb ass who goes off on a 4 hour trip completely unprepared. plus that attention seeking ***** makes over 50 mil a year, so she's doing a damn good job. learn from her.

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n_epic_fail 14

coming from the person who enjoys whiny emo music, yea rap nd country just SUCK =P (sarcasm intended)

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264: I think it's weird that you say mom. Oh, and who the f*** wears britches anyway?!

I hate lady gaga! You must be a man I presume. I am a man too. Sounds like something my sister would do.

Lady Gaga is a woman, she just has a big clit. Obv. I mean she wears close to nothing during a performance, so you'd be able to see a penis. Don't play, broseph, Gaga maybe comes to this site and she will get youuuuuuuu...

actually it says that the OP is a girl but I agree lady gaga sucks and i think my ears might bleed if i had to listen to her for four ******* hours haha, i can barely make it through an entire song of her's

i think its supposed to be like he has an itouch or something not that he touches guys

with a name like patass I wouldn't be one to talk about what's a gay name ore not PATasstrophy

lady gaga is AMAZING. feel priviledged ;) although If you hate her so much, FYL

Or the gaga will get ya! Like the boogyman, it starts not so long ago, when paparazi became a big hit. Who's under your bed??? LADY GAGA!!! Who's in your head? LADY GAGA!!! Just dance, gonna be okay do doo ndoo do! Can't read my, no you can't read on mah pokerrr face!!! Gaga oh lala data oomp papa rara oo rawrawrr ya bad romance!! I'll follow you until ya love me, pappa papparazi!! Seriously, she will follow you until you love her. And you will love the gaga.

OMG, #39: To someone like myself who doesn't really know her songs and lyrics, that was LOL funny, literally. You made my afternoon. :D

Thanks! ^ I made yo afternoon, but gaga will make your LIFE!!! YUHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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Lady Gaga sucks!! She needs to go find a talent

Take some other CDs, she might get bored of the same music on repeat for hours and hours.

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You should have stuffed sand or poured liquids into your CD player to ruin it. It will be a lot cheaper getting that fixed than the electroshock therapy you'll need to get those songs out of your head. I've only heard "Poker Face" a few times and that song often gets stuck in my head! Well done, Lady.

Tha's precisely the shit-strategy mainstream is using. Just make some talent-less idiot sing a sticky song and lo and behold! A new hit single and artist is born!"

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I have to say I used to think just the same thing - that Lady Gaga was just another talentless pop artist who had people write her songs for her. The truth is quite the opposite. In fact, she attended NYU to study music and wrote songs for Britney Spears, Fergie and The Pussycat Dolls. All of her songs are 100% original, and she has a great voice (in the studio as well as live performances).

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I don't necessarily have a problem with Lady Gaga, but listening to ANYTHING on repeat for four straight hours would drive anyone insane.

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Oh I wasn't really replying to you perdix, I was replying to #114. I didn't think you disliked Lady Gaga after only listening to one song anyway.

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Those three artists you name aren't helping your cause for her being a good artists. Don't mistake a catchy song for a creative song. Think of A Hard Day's Night by The Beatles. Catchy. Origional? Not really. Creative? Na. But something that makes them different is they grew up and made some truly magical music. Will the Jonas Brothers do that? No. With Miley Cyrus? No. Will Lady Gaga? No. They don't have the talent, the inspirations, or the true love of music to accomplish that. Goodbye 60's and 70's. *Sniff* Besides, I'm waiting for Wilfred Brimley to beat the shit of the the Jonas with diabetes hahaha.

don't hate on the gaga she got mystical powers hidden in her outfits

I completely agree with you. I'm a high schooler too and I LIVE for the Beatles!! Their music isn't completely creative (they have a lot of repeating themes, etc.) and after the whole drug period, they got a liiittle weird, but their music is still a million times better than anything Miley Gaga, or the "JoBros" could produce. to each, his own, but seriously. these days music isn't even MUSIC. what is rap? some guy TALKING about "shawty" yeah. that's my two cents. OP, hope you enjoyed France! it's a beautiful country! (:

Dude you're just lucky the Eurostar is open again in time for your trip.

'Lady' Gaga isn't exactly a lady, if you know what I mean..

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@iliekgirls: wow. those rumors were proved to be false a hella long time ago. there are pics where you can see nothing there. and there's another pic where someone caught her tampon string hanging out. what, are you gonna say that she just wanted to stick it up there to look like a girl? please. she's a woman. not a man. get it right. -_-

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GIRtastic, She could still have internal testicles like Caster Zemenya, so she could appear externally to be a woman, but biologically have the sex organs of both genders, thus being a hermaphrodite. I'm not saying that it is true or even likely. I'm just saying that it is possible.

I don't see how this is an FML. 4 hours isn't a very long trip at all. And if you're talking about The Fame album, it's hella long, so you really only have to listen to the whole thing twice maybe. So just relax, try to enjoy it. Lady Gaga isn't all that bad.