By fedupson / Thursday 9 April 2015 14:03 / United States - Milpitas
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  JazNim17  |  18

This is why it took me so long to get my license. My mom is a panicky person. I barely used my learner's permit for a while because she always made me nervous. My dad wasn't much better. It wasn't until my grandfather, who had a lot of experience teaching teens to drive and could stay totally calm, stepped in to teach me that I actually learned. If you can't be calm and helpful when teaching a teen to drive, I would suggest Driver's Ed or finding someone else, because your nerves ain't helping the new driver's.

  ProgMetalMan  |  8

In many places in the US, before obtaining a driver's license, you need X hours of driving experience with a permit, which you can only do with an adult "instructor." Even without reading this FML it's safe to assume that the heavily populated and relatively liberal CA would have such a regulation

By  Charles900  |  16

Reminds me a little of driving with Dad. He panicked whenever I moved an inch to the left or right in the lane, though admittedly he does that if anyone but him is behind the wheel. Driving 50 hours with your kid is rather nerve-wrecking.

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