With friends like these…

By dreadedmafia86 - 12/03/2010 00:22 - United States

Today, I was upset after my boyfriend and I broke up. My best friend heard and told me she would be right over. Three hours of waiting later, she stumbles in wasted. She had been at the bar, with my ex, making sure he was okay. For me, I just got a list of all the drinks she had that night. FML
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I love my friends to death, but next time one of them wants me to come over to watch her cry, I'll get there wasted too, i hate it when they're sad because of a stupid breakup that will last just a couple of days anyways lol!!! :p your friend sounds like a lotta fun, u guys should go out for drinks tomorrow nite, u'll have a great time, and will end up forgetting about your ex

OP never said she was crying and apparently the friend offered herself to come.

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It's only hurting them, their the ones drinking. **** them.

You actually bought your friend's story?! Obviously, she ****** him now that he's single. She just wanted to get first dibs.

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loose tha friend and then make ur ex wish he had uu but don't give him wht he wants

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Agree with George456... Obviously not your best friend OP... Obviously even if she didn't **** him, she had every hope of doing so when she went to the bar, or else she wouldve simply hung out with him a bit (not got wasted) and then hung out with you a bit (assuming you all 3 were actually friends to begin with as that is the only plausible reason I could see her being at the bar to "console" him....

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maybe it wasn't I few days, I would be sad n angry if I broke up with my 2 year bf

what the guy needs comfort too. extra points if she gave him a feel better soon *******

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I just got back from the bar myself. i'd like to hang with your girl sometime. she sounds awesome

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how else was she gna pay the man bak fr the drinks lol..........

I'm sure she made him feel all "better!" what a wonderful best friend. I wouldve kicked her ass.

I don't know why everyone criticizes you Snicks, your comments are generally the most logical and helpful answers. Not to mention that they're actually grammatically correct.

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You know what girl!!!???, Your so called best friend was ******* your ex, she was making sure he gets ****** by her. That's why she was with him in that bar. Don't be so innocent.