By Blanid - 22/5/2021 08:01

Emo teens

Today, my roommate’s 17 year-old daughter got broken up with. She locked herself in her room and won’t stop playing "Driver’s License" by Olivia Rodrigo on a continuous loop. Not to mention sounding like an agonizing cat while screaming its lyrics. It’s been 2 hours. FML
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By  thatswhatshesaid  |  3

heartbreak hurts at any age.

By  QueenSaru  |  28

Lol, it's been TWO hours. The way you're carrying on you're acting like she's been doing this for weeks. Go for a walk, put on some headphones, or hey, you could talk to her too if she's up to it? I know she's not your kid, but sometimes it's easier for teens to talk to people who are NOT their moms.

Heaven forbid she have feelings as a hormonal teenager, jesus...