By Micheal - 23/11/2009 03:59 - Canada

Today, my girlfriend broke up me with for being the "perfect boyfriend". Apparently I'm the best boyfriend she's ever had, and she didn't know how to take it. So she dumped me. FML
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Sounds made up. She was prolly looking for a reason and couldn't think of anything


obviously you need to rape her to win her back. good luck, jacob black!

I thought you were supposed to tell her that you could kill her at any moment and watch her sleep?

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That's when you pull a George Castanza. "Are you kidding me?" "What?" "'It's not you, it's me', that's the reason? If it's anything, it's me, it's always me." "So want me to say that it's you?" "YES! If there's something I've learned, it's always me." "'s you" "THANK YOU!"

thats okay... You can be my boyfriend.. and im sure lots of girls feel the same way

Girls dont like nice, perfect guys. They want a guy to dump them instead Have fun

uh huh girlsjust love being treated like shit

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Umm... Either she's a liar or you're ******* delusional.

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Umm... Either she's a liar or you're ******* delusional.

hahaha smart one #1 But seriously what a stupid girl. Like WTF?!

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YDI for being perfect. girls like shitty men.


why? girls like bad men then complain when they lie or cheat or don't pay enough attention to them?

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Sounds made up. She was prolly looking for a reason and couldn't think of anything

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i second this. she just doesn't want to tell you the real reason so she made this up to make you feel good.

Or maybe she dumped him thinking he seems perfect, so whatever's wrong with him must be horrible.

No, I think it is just because girls can be weird emotional bitches at times. Yes, i'm a girl and am apoligizing for all of us. FYL OP, FYL. but really, get over it and find a girl who appreciates you!

I agree girls are weird emotional bitches, but Id never apologize for them. Fact is, the breakup was probably VERY rationally thought out and executed.

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#87 so true. my ex was perfict but very boring. we did the same stuff over and over again and when id try to think of something new he would get mad. he gave me the world but i couldnt deal with the boring anymore :)

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If he the relationship is indeed boring, he needs to teach that bitch to behave. She wants excitement, tell her to take her ass to the movies. That advice comes from a Pimp named Slickback.

The fact that whether the OP is really perfect or the reason is made up is something that the OP would know by himself :D Sometimes, it's not like girls can't comes up with the reason but they didn't want to hurt his feelings. Because sometimes you just can't tell him that "I don't feel that same way with you anymore" or "I've got cancer" or etc.

YDI for believing her. Time to move on with someone who won't BS you.

happens, if you're too perfect it gets boring for them. ironicaly the best strategy is hookup, use, dump, repeat. so much for prince charming. FYL by the way #2 good point +1

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Nope.. you're right about the boring, but not about the solution. It's easy: don't be predictable, keep the tension, don't go telling from day #1 that everything is gonna be alright, you're gonna get married & live happily ever after... takes the tension/excitement away!

Agree with #3 to a point. I used that excuse once, but he wasn’t perfect; he was really nice and so I felt bad about telling him the real break up reason: he was whiney, annoying and pathetic. Eventually I told him the real reason because he said being too nice and not really having a reason…is not a valid reason. Touché.

#31 is an idiot. Follow #3's advice and everything works itself out.

have to agree w/ you. although it's still way better to kick him in the balls rather than leaving him wondering; how will he improve if he doesn't know whats his mistake, moreover if he's "perfect"?

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Oh, so using girls is a way to get girls? **** you

By the looks of your picture, you're only 14 or 15 years old... take her childishness as a cue for what to expect for many years to come. It sucks, but you'll come to appreciate her immaturity as means of preparing yourself for future relationships that will actually have substance. Keep your head up!

Bullshit. She was obviously just looking for a way to get single without hurting your feelings. Hate stupid bitches (and bastards) like that. "Oh, I don't want to hurt their feelings, so I'll make some shit up, even though I'm dumping them either way and probably making things worse." Just forget about her. If it is true, she's dumb as a box of rocks, if not she's a giant pansy... and still an idiot.

She dumped with you with underlying reasons of following her urges to date the lowlife badboy, then she'll return to you 10 years down the road and you can tell her to suck it... hard. ;D

I, personally, would never go back to any of the guys Ive broken up with. That's just pathetic. There's a reason you broke up with them. I'm all for not rehashing old shit.

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what a wierdo ! if your perfect, why the f*** would she dump you ?!?!?!??!?!!?!

Low self esteem, probably thought she couldn't measure up

Been there. Actually, it was more like this: "I can't date you anymore. You're so nice, and considerate and you always know the best way to make me smile. You're obviously a liar or cheating on me, no one is that nice." Paraphrased, of course. Because.. I wouldn't take the time to memorize being dumped by the girl I loved.. for.. loving her..

Jesus Christ, what an insecure bitch. And I am to assume she didn't even try to address this "issue" before dropping you? You're really better off without some crazy idiot for you to waste your time on. It's actually (cynically) hilarious how often these kinds of things happen. I mean, when you treat people properly and they snap back at you saying that you must have some evil plot against them or something, or will try to keep their distance because they're convinced you'll turn out to be just another asshole. The world is so paranoid these days. Makes me wonder if being of higher intelligence is all it's cracked up to be; the more aware you are, the more paranoid you get.

Actually it doesn't have much to do with intelligence. It has something to do with how our society works. Media and politicians don't want to make you feel happy and secure because it doesn't work for them. It sells less newspapers and doesn't get them votes. That it turns citizens into paranoid zombies who only see risks and dangers everywhere doesn't really matter apparently.

Been there too, many times. I'd say how many, but it's too many to believe.

My ex was nice and considerate and always knew the best way to make me smile. But then it turned out he had been cheating on me. Maybe some girls have reason to be paranoid and irrational? However, not sure if the OP's ex is one of them, 'cuz that sounds like a pretty stupid reason to break up with someone.

sounds like Ravishme77 and Streetcarprophet know each other

FYL man... I know exactly how you feel... since that's more or less what happened to me... almost the exact same words.