By Anonymous - 28/09/2013 21:40 - New Zealand - Hamilton

Today, we got my dad an iPad for his birthday. I had to repeatedly reassure him that he could in fact touch the screen without being shocked. FML
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lishajoy777 14

play a lot of trick on him do ya?

Get him a stylus...


lishajoy777 14

play a lot of trick on him do ya?

OP: "Careful, don't shake it, or all the gigabytes will fall out! You'll lose all your memory!"

Awe, lol. He'll get the hang of it.....someday

DyslexicPanda 12

Or he possibly knew that these touch screens are just glass capacitors and figured he could be shocked every time he touched it, which technically we do get shocked every time we touch the screen, it's just such a small amount of charge you don't feel it.

Maybe #2.. Some of these "old folks" can't seem to get the hang of modern technology. Although, when they do, it can be quite humorous. My grandpa is a really good texter for being 68 years old

Ya OP, this is quite shocking

My elderly great aunts have added me on Facebook and take the liberty of sharing most of my status updates and pictures to their own wall. Stahp.

Get him a stylus...

Or a shock pen disguised as a stylus!

#21. It's not very fun to prank your dad like that!! I shocked my dad before with the shocking gum. It turned out I was sent to boarding school for playing too many pranks.

lanco_fml 10

did you yell boo when he first touched the screen

Aww, I think that's kinda adorable(: I bet you prank him a lot, which is why he thinks that hahaha :P

All you have to do is teach him, and it'll be fine.

It's a matter of somewhat paranoia, not education/the lack of it.

Dodge4x4Ram 46

download OPERATION & tell him it shocks if he touches the sides

Old school father eh?

Oh the technologically ignorant are so amusing :)

I prefer the term "technologically challenged" :P

bobak_can_ani 7

Let's see how You will do in 30 years

Don't worry old dogs can eventually learn new tricks