By Anonymous - 12/12/2013 21:53 - New Zealand - Napier

Today, my girlfriend sent her new boyfriend over to my place to break up with me for her. FML
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27, I don't think he will have that opportunity anymore

Honestly, if OPs ex couldn't handle the situation like a real woman and do it her self in person and have respect. OP is better some other guy deal with that immature girl. OP can now go and find someone who will respect him and handle these kind of situations like an adult.

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#1 & 45 exactly what I was thinking.

Well she's not good enough for you if she doesn't have the maturity to even break up with you. In person. Sorry OP!

Somuchart 3

Does she still wanna be friends?

Is she 12 or something? That is a really immature thing for her to do. I'm sure you'll find someone better OP.

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I feel bad for the other guy. F**k his life. As for you OP, you're better off w/o her...

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can't anyone be anymore creative than "bitch"? I don't disagree with you but it's so ugly to see that on every page of this site.

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If OP's girlfriend is insecure enough to do that... It becomes painfully obvious who wears the pants in that relationship.

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I agree, this is the only scenario I've heard of where a text would have been a better alternative.

Your ex girlfriend is absolutely pathetic.

So is her new boyfriend for even agreeing to do that

does your boyfriend have some strange shoe foot fixation?

what a heartless bitch... you deserve better!

Doesn't that other boyfriend deserve better too? It's an FML for both guys

Clearly op's ex doesn't take relationship seriously by switching guys so easily. Sounds like she was in it just for sex. People like that make me wanna facepalm against the wall -_-

The guy who would actually break up a relationship like that is a dumbass and doesn't deserve anyone. Don't feel bad for him one bit. Wouldn't ever date someone who acted like this. Sorry OP, you'll find someone better.

That or he's so desperate he will do whatever he's told to make someone like him. She's probably only using him to get out of this relationship and will send someone to his door when she moves on.

You should be happy it happened sooner than later. It would have hurt more later than now. Think of it as a Christmas blessing!

You're off the hook. That poor guy is dating that bitch now. You're a free man!

Exactly, and chances are she'll do the same thing to her new boyfriend.

I was thinking along those lines too except I would've messed with him. Say something like, "Yeah I had to say the same thing to the guy before me." That'll make him rethink his choices.

I feel bad for the new guy just as much as I do for you. :/

I don't. The new guy should know something is up if she's asking him favors like that..