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By Anonymous - 20/10/2015 13:39 - United Kingdom

Today, two women came into my place of work, complaining loudly that they couldn't afford a £3 course fee because they didn't have any money to spend on themselves. They were holding large Starbucks coffees. FML
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Were they wearing uggs and boasting iphones and leggings too?

mermaidkeels 26

If they decide to spend their money elsewhere, that is there responsibility and they should suffer the consequences.


Were they wearing uggs and boasting iphones and leggings too?

Yes, while wearing their bright colored beanies and Forever 21 graphic tees.

I'm okay with those other things, but Uggs piss me right off. They piss me off because those basic bitches that wear them feel so important and popular, just for wearing some ugly-ass brown boot. They're for people with no creativity or originality whatsoever.

"I just love my uggs they're so brown and fuzzy and look exACTLY LIKE EVERYONE ELSE"

I love my uggs. Not because they make me feel import and popular. Because they ease some of my disability symptoms and help with my mobility whilst I can still look the same as everyone else.

I like my Uggs because they're comfy and keep my feet warm. As someone who would prefer to go absolutely everywhere in pyjamas and a duvet, they're a nice compromise as it feels like I'm wearing slippers but they're seen as socially acceptable outdoor footwear. They're a stupid choice to wear in wet weather though. Got no time for girls who pick Uggs when it's snowing then complain that they've got wet feet.

With the price of Starbucks coffee, I completely understand why they were broke.

So you essentially wrote an fml about how you listened to people complaining?

You should've called them out on the spot, if you didn't of course.

IAmzephyr 22

That's a surefire way to get reprimanded

mermaidkeels 26

If they decide to spend their money elsewhere, that is there responsibility and they should suffer the consequences.

probably had packs of cigarettes and designer clothes too?

Cigarettes would be one thing, but you can't really judge by name brand clothes because you can pick that stuff up super cheap at resale stores. But yeah, holding those expensive coffees, if be annoyed by their complaining too

"Don't have any money left to spend" here.

So, they just came in to your work place to tell you they couldn't afford to buy something there? That's a weird strategy.

How much is the course fee? Is it possible they thought it was really expensive?

If you actually read the FML, it clearly states a "£3 course fee".

3£. That's: 4.63 USD 4.08 Euro 555.46 Yen 6.37 Australian Dollars 76.76 Pesos 0.0171 Bitcoin

what about CAD?

It's pretty close to USD

#37- it's really not. At the moment, $1 USD = $1.30 CAD. Trust me, that's a huge difference. And the £3 would equal $6.03 CAD.

dannnngthatsux 19

#42, VV, $6 is cheap for any class that's worth taking (not nose picking 101, etc.) especially if the class is small. I expect to pay between $20 USD and $60 USD for any class 2 to 4 hours that I take. I expect more of a discount per hour on longer courses (9 week class twice a week, 3 hours a night, I expect between $200 USD and $800 USD.) #9, even at £20, that's a steal for most classes.

They should save the inane ranting for Facebook statuses—assuming they can afford to create accounts.

I'm assuming you don't have one? Making a Facebook account - or multiple - is free. They make money with adds, charging for optional game-related points/lives, etc.

Why bother with Facebook? Tumblr is where everyone complains these days.

We really need a website dedicated to humorous complaints. Each complaint could have a character limit and need to be formatted a certain way like, "Yesterday, I [blah blah blah," or maybe, "Tomorrow, I [something something something]." That's not quite right, but it's close.

Maybe we could call it FME (F*ck My Existence)?

I like it, #46. Ooh, ooh, or DML for Damn My Life. Wait, we could combine the two and have DME (Damn My Existence).

Well yeah, that's why they're broke...

Gee, you don't say?