By SophieGray - 20/5/2011 23:33 - United States
Today, I went over to a guy's house for dinner. He ended up getting really drunk and started crying, telling me that I reminded him of his dead ferret. Distraught, he tearfully showed me her ashes. FML
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  Carpy  |  8

sarahBELLA, do yourself a favor & stop posting comments. You've already proven to everyone on FML that you are a complete retard that can't seem to read very well. We all get a little dumber just from reading your comments.

  alaskasfml  |  0

anything that burns will look the same in the end! like stated, ashes are ashes. i can't believe some of the things people say. it makes me wonder if they act like idiots just to make people react.

  Eggers  |  2

op- the dude was drunk, relax. And have you ever had a pet ferret before? I highly doubt it judging by your highly cynical and non-understanding attitude


This is possibly the worst advice to give.
First of all, he was drunk, which meant this probably wouldn't have happened if he weren't.
Secondly, obviously his pet meant a lot to him. I can guarantee he didn't mean she looked like a ferret. He probably just thought she had the nice qualities the ferret had (she's cute, nice, cuddly, etc.).
Lastly, this guy sounds frickin' adorable. He showed you the ashes of a dead pet that obviously meant a hell of a lot to him. Being a heartless confidant and telling thousands of people what happened was not a classy move.

  FlashBurn  |  13

You guys are almost all dicks. Wait until you see what I'm gonna change my picture to! I just hope it doesn't get reported or anything... I just like stirring up trouble. It's the bubble, bubble, toil part I have a problem with. A picture is not a true representation of the person, just remember that.

  NAU_future  |  7

I used to have a pet rock, man those were the days! I took that guy everywhere.. sadly one day he died, took my heart with him. I did keep his corpse perfectly preserved as a way to keep the memories.

  NAU_future  |  7

Well 93 when I came back from summer camp one year the first thing I wanted to do was tell my pet rock about camp. However my parents told me that while I was away he had "run away" which everyone knows means dead. What made it even worse was I found his little body in our pond, they drowned my best friend! what kind of fucked up people do that? That is how my pet rock died.