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By  bleachedraven  |  12

You're gonna be better in the long run, don't let someone take their insecurities out on you.

By  Chazzster  |  20

That sounds like an excuse and not a reason. I’m betting your ex is swapping you out for someone else. In any case, although it hurts you are going to have to move on.

By  Xatraris  |  35

It's an excuse to leave. My ex gf dated me when I was big, then I lost a lot of weight due to a health issue and weighed less than her. She started saying I was making her look bad and she wanted to get healthy. After her weight loss she said she was settling and could do better. I should have seen those red flags long ago. So honestly you are better off. Might hurt for a bit but things get better.

I’m not be qualified to give any sort of advice, so feel free to ignore me entirely.

You said your girlfriend was with you for five years?
Okay, I obviously don’t know all of the details, but this really concerns me.
Did her behavior change drastically in a short period of time? Did this seemingly come out of nowhere? If so, I’m worried that she might be severely depressed for one reason or another.
You should never feel obligated to stay in a toxic relationship, and you most definitely shouldn’t stay with someone who is abusive.
Still...if you had a decent relationship before this, please consider looking in to this situation more deeply in a non-intrusive way.

I’ve had severe depressive episodes. It can cause serious trouble in even strong relationships.

I’m sorry that this happened to you, and I’m sorry if I overstepped. This post really got to me.

Be safe and happy. :)