By dharp7 - 16/11/2011 05:23 - United States

Today, my girlfriend dumped me. Her exact words used were "I like the idea of you, but I don't like you." I still don't know what that means. FML
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She likes the idea of you= she likes having a boyfriend. She doesn't like you= ... She doesn't like you..

in theory you're good but you don't live up to her expectations


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It means she doesnt want you

It means she likes your style or how you act or dress, but not your personality. Or atleast thats how I interpreted it.

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Or it could mean she likes that he is a decent guy, the type who she could see herself marrying one day, but he doesn't attract her physically or sexually no matter how much she tries to like him... So it's one of those, "it's not you, it's me" moments... She just can't get that pull she wants to get from him to make him that perfect guy. And she doesn't want to cheat, so she broke up... But that's just my take on it...

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You just need to give it to her better op!

It means she wants a boyfriend but not you.

I know exactly what she means. Young money probably likes the idea of ******* every girl In the world, but actually doing it, that's one hell of a task.

I've used that excuse before it actually means she likes the idea of having a boy friend and having someone like you there for her, but not u

Actually, it's a quote from a Barbara Streisand movie where she's a psychiatrist and a patient falls in love with her or something like that. They had a joke about it on family guy as well.

it means shes a bitch

in theory you're good but you don't live up to her expectations

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Your like a good movie. After watching a trailer that's pretty decent and paying to see it in theatures, you are then dissapointed when it is a piece of shit. Kinda like that.

I see it more as she likes the idea if having a boyfriend, but she doesn't him as a boyfriend. him or the though of him

33 wow!! I really hope that your comment was messed up by auto-correct. :-/

37- If think was purpose

37- if think was purpose?

57 - *translation* I think it was on purpose. Your welcome. ;)

She likes the idea of you= she likes having a boyfriend. She doesn't like you= ... She doesn't like you..

Yep, that was my first thought exactly.

Not only does it mean she likes having a boyfriend, but thenidea of having someone there for her no matter what and will love her for who she is, on the other hand she doesn't like OP for who he is.

I'm pretty sure she means your a nice guy & she likes things about you, but she doesn't feel the chemistry

132- That's what I thought.

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My exact thoughts

It means she likes the idea of you, but doesn't like you.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Lol... Well for OP thats as clear as mud!

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icwutudidthar ;)

She's sounds a bit stupid.

She* god my iPod is retarded

It's kool we all have keyboards prob every now and then ^~^

#5 our birthdays are only 3 days apart and in the same year.

Creeper much?

#32 our birthdays are only 2 months apart from each other and not even on the same year!!! :P

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It means you aren't up to her standards dick weasel.

Mind ******.

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"I like the idea of you" ...? OMFG, you're a robot?!?! So cool!

I was thinking the same thing but I wasnt so dumb that commented it.

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how is he a robot mofos?!

I love you.. But i don't LOVE you.

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Think the saying is, "I love you, but I'm not IN love with you". It's something like I can only love you like a brother bs. Some crazy mind ******* bs one of my ex's fed me.

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lol didn't see you down their 14, teach me for replying without reading all of the comments 1st.

I think that she means that she likes who you are and all that, but she just doesn't have feelings for you. Women, eh.