By nutcracker - 23/02/2010 09:28 - Slovenia

Today, I tried to see if you can kick yourself in the nuts. You can. FML
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what...seeing it on jackass wasn't proof enough for you...see this is why stupid ppl are outnumbering the smart ones at a staggering rate...we need to institute an iq test in order to reproduce

Was this an attempt to get on the Top Flop list? Because you just might be #1.

#39 - yeah, or remove idiots like the OP from the gene pool.

bettadenne1 0

well at least we know that idiots like u are making themselves unavailable to pro-create haha

What an atrocious display of grammer skills...or lack thereof

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go **** yourself and your grammar

Also on WebSoup on G4- it's been proven. No big deal but you are an idiot

Ummm, WOW! I am speechless for the first time.

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hahaha #38 said it all .. no need to say more.

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haha did anybody else notice that his name thing is nutcraker.? haha kinda conviniant dont cha think.

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You can change the name of the author sweetie

kikiface. no smartass comments from a Ginger

so you had a bag of Planters and you kicked it?

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who mods these yes? I mean come on!

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Oh, wow. Good job dumbass. Please go overdose on a bottle of Viagra, it will ease the pain.

u can?!?!?! hold on a second, I gotta try...

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I wouldn't go around calling people stupid until I knew how to properly form a sentence and use spell check.

M4V3R1CKR13 0

wow rly *kicks himself in the balls* Ow F**k!

wait, that's actually possible? pretty impressive if you ask me hahah.

people, being smart is not passed down through genes.both parents could be retarded and they could still have a genious fruit of their loins

#1 if that's you in your pic ... may I say your a babe

yes it is possible......I read this and didn't think it was and found out the hard way...

boyguydudemalema 0

i dont agree with most of you, true that he does not deserve nuts, but if we take out all the stupid people, then there wont be stupid people to amuse the smart people/make them feel better for being nerds

your a ******* douche bag retard dumb ass that probably sucks his dads ****

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@xxjona777 have you ever thought that maby this was exposed to be funny? lol i geuss your just a douchbag cuz you have no life

I'm actually pretty curious to see if you can I'm a chick 

Hahahahaa, amazing. Now, I'm wondering if that was intentional or not, lol

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you're nucking futs. just kidding. are you going to say how becuse now you've got me curious.

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What's next? See if you can stab your own eye with an ice pick?

I tried that. it didn't work. the guy next to me died. of laughing. at me.

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have you ever tried putting your penis in your asshole... do that also and inform.. you are a nut case... YDI

lmao... ur dumb ass has to much time on ur hands