By WTF - 12/09/2013 23:08 - United States - Plainfield

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me. She later put on Facebook that, "Today was a great day!" FML
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SexySlayer1248 18

I would also say something like, "Finally got her to leave"

Like that comment and post "yes, yes it was".


You should be kind of glad you got rid of her

SexySlayer1248 18

I would also say something like, "Finally got her to leave"

GoodLookingGeese 10

But really, who cares about facebook?

"Finally got off the hook, I was tired being tied down." That's a better one.

jojimugo 20

Free at last free at last ... Go all MLK on her ass

jasmine2301 25

I was about to say you forgot the 'J' at the end of MLK but then realized it wouldn't rhyme haha... I'll go away now.

FeatherTips 10

Being optimistic, maybe she meant otherwise? Or maybe she had been wanting to get that off her chest. Who knows?

Like that comment and post "yes, yes it was".

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Lol 28 i actually took the time to read your comment and sing it in my head.

jasmine2301 25

STILL a better musician than Lil Wayne.

What a bitch! You're better off without her op! Good luck in your future relationship endeavours :)

I think we can operate under the assumption that because she broke up with him, she was clearly glad to be rid of him. Why OP was shocked/surprised/unprepared is completely beyond me. But yeah, she kind of is a bitch for posting that on Facebook. People who post snide comments only a few will understand on Facebook is the epitome of immaturity.

simplysarcastics 26

Don't worry about her op! She seems mad shallow. Maybe turn the other cheek or retaliate and post something similar. Don't let her know your day has been bad.

AnOriginalName 19

I understand the sentiment, but retaliation does nothing but lower OP to the ex's level. The best thing he can do is to move on without saying anything and focus on making himself happy in the long term.

simplysarcastics 26

Which is why I said turn the other cheek OR retaliate. Its his choice lol.

You should write a status like " I finally broke free, best day ever!"

ninjuh_wingman 29

You should comment on it and say "Best day since before I met you."

Yeah I consider it a great day when I begin a new chapter in my book as well. Look at the bright side op, valuable insight on a life partner takes time. Find a new girl.

I agree. She obviously broke up with him because their relationship was making her unhappy for some reason. It was a great day for me when I finally left my abusive and adulterous ex husband and I too posted some celebratory things on facebook. Maybe OP is a horrible person and that's why she's so happy to be rid of him. Or possibly she's just a mean and spiteful person trying to make him feel even worse because she's blowing some insignificant grievance out of proportion. Either way, the relationship clearly needed to end.