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  LemonadePink  |  0

Yeah because clearly what she did was a result of her love for him. F that. Besides would anyone in their right mind want to be with someone after they did that? No. The end.

  TheTruth1428  |  0

I agree with #5, she's not worth it. You're actually better off knowing what kind of person she is now then to have a long relationship with her, maybe get married, then one day have her ask for a divorce because, "Her friend just got one" Overall, it's just an excuse for her to end it since she most likely wanted to anyway. FYL.

  BritishHobo  |  0

That's the nicest, most optimistic FML comment I've ever seen :P

Anyway, she's either a bitch (not caring about how you felt about it), stupid (making someone who's been dumped feel better by having someone else feel terrible about being dumped... wait, that would still make her a bitch), or wanted to break up with you and was too scared to do it properly. I'm sure you could do better.

  RubixMonkey  |  0

green lantern 2003, because I know you think its cool to make sexist remarks about females to stifle the pain of your premature ejaculation and the fact that women refuse to play, find the super hero in your pants, I get sick of people saying just because one woman is a jerk and they are on a site about the fucked up things that happen to people, that ALL women are suddenly like this. Well grow the fuck up, ok? And just because your comic book online girlfriend dumped you does not mean the rest of the world has to deal with your shit.

  RubixMonkey  |  0

I might be a femanazi but you are a stupid sexist prick who uses insults other people come up with to insult people who say things that ring true. You also don't know how to write real words so when you are done coloring in your coloring book, we might meet on an equal playing field that does not include a jungle gym.



You're too lazy to type out "go back to the kitchen"?
What the fuck are the slashes for? They serve no purpose.
You are complete and utter failure, and an idiot as well.

"just like a woman of course"

Because there aren't a million douchebag FMLs on this website from men. Pull your head out of your arse, prick.

  lolbulla  |  0

no, there aren't, actually. most fmls are written by women because women tend to be very sensitive about things more than men are. its human nature, it's not sexism.

By  keenaz  |  0

Harsh as man, probably not worth it just move on my brother. Or send her flowers asking her to get back together then dump her. Childish but meh lol.