By drunkennight - 23/11/2009 03:45 - Canada

Today, I woke up after a night out at the bar, immediately remembering that I had lost my cell phone, my ID and somehow spent $100. Feeling like shit already, my friend then goes on to tell me that I flashed the entire bar, and ran around the hotel naked. FML
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Oh the wonderful effects of alcohol.

pics or it didn't happen.


Oh the wonderful effects of alcohol.

BOOOOOOOOOOOORING. what a stupid FML. obviously YDI.

Sounds like a fun night!!

lmfao sounds like you had fun.

Hah, OP, you fail, and YDI

pics or it didn't happen.

I want pics.

and a video

One's an innie and one's an outtie!

If you got drunk, it's always YDI.

which is exactly why i don't drink.

She probably just felt inferior to you. I don't think it's right though :)

Nobody to blame but yourself, learn to hold your booze and dont be such a slut