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Today, my boyfriend picked me up from school. It was an unusually sweet gesture from him, and I was flattered. That is, until he told me to sit my ass in the back, so his dog could ride in front with him. FML
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BubbleGrunge 18

Next time he ask for sex, tell him the dog is probably more than willing.


BunchieRules 31

A man and his dog have a special bond, OP needs to respect that.

VooDooCarrie91 19

88- Carter had Seabreeze, the racing dog that Brian "violated".

softball141414 1

Haha ;) msg me u seem funny lol

She got a ride. Sucks that his dog got the front, but she still got a ride either way. Doesn't overly suck that much.

Next time she goes to his house and they are watching a movie she should let the dog sit on the couch and he can get the floor since he is such a great guy :p

xoconnie 8

dump that jerk ball!!!!!! wow, that just happened... his dog is viewed as more important than you.

Yes he is. My dawgs dogs and doggs always come first

"Bitches in the front, hoes in the back."

Inheritance 10

If his dog is male then the saying, "Bros before hoes" fits perfectly in this situation. But sorry to hear it OP. Maybe reject the ride if he acts like that?

sidewaysponytail 0

Tell him to get his ass out so you can drive!

littlemsweirdo 12

Um, it's still his car. I would walk out the car than be with his rude ass.

This is supposed to be the romantic part of your relationship! Imagine how he would treat you once you were married! (If you were silly enough to marry him...)

If he's really that much of a dick you should dump him

SystemofaBlink41 27

It's his DOG! I'd put him up front too! Actually, I'm kidding but dumping him is a tad drastic, don't you think?

Normally, I don't agree with this advice. However, if he has no more respect for OP than to treat her like that, this is not a relationship worth her time.

I'm with 15 here.... People on FML seem to be a bit extreme in comments granted what OP's boyfriend did is rude its not worth dumping him. Isn't it supposed to be the imperfections make some of the best times in relationships?

When a man puts his dog ahead of his woman, it's time to move on.

OP did mention that her boyfriend told her to "sit her ass in the back"... Sounds like she can do without a guy like him.

amandajlucas2015 2

OP boyfriend does not respect her just from the phrasing of the words.. U can tell.. If it was a simple situation of the dog has an issue with sitting in the back he could have said something along the lines of," honey can u plz sit in the back my dog doesn't do well back there. OP needs to think about if she really wants to be treated like that

And the fact that picking her up was an "abnormally sweet gesture" is also not a good sign. What is sweet about going to pick someone up?

msjoyfull84 0

I treat my dog with more respect than men, thumb me down all you want but she's never done me wrong and loves me unconditionally......

65, You're making relationships sound like employment. Many couples - mine included - are quite happy to talk to each other like that because it's meant in jest. It honestly doesn't sound like that huge a deal, and if I were in a relationship where goofing around was inappropriate because you expect me to express every point in a particular dialogue then that would be the most depressing state to be in. Relationships are enough work without adding the additional bullshit. Enjoy being single forever :)

102, if he had said, "sit your ass in the back so my dog can sit up front with me! Haha, I'm just kidding baby get up here." THAT would be a joke. He wasn't joking. He treated his dog better than he treated her.

olpally 32

Give him a dog biscuit for treating you like a bitch then. Make him sit down and beg for it too.

#7 wouldn't that be a type of foreplay? Lol

If he ever asks you for doggy style, just bring the dog to him

littlemsweirdo 12

I know right,do it and walk out like a boss. Lol, that would be such a great and hilarious moment !

At least he didn't make you sit on towels like another FML...

I would rather sit on the towels than take the backseat to a dog.

I was trying to say it could be worse. He could have made her sit on towels in his back seat - so she didn't dirty his seats.