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By sexychica - This FML is from back in 2009 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I pulled up next to my boyfriend at a stoplight. He was in the back of a police car. FML
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haha thats rly funny but better than him being with another girl right?


It does suck for him, but I want to know what he did. Plus, Illinois must be a horrible place to live. I mean in almost every update 1 FML is from an Illinois-ian(or whatever you call yourselves)

I think the people from Illinois know. luls

I call myself an Illinoisian (don't forget to leave off the s sound... ehl-lih-noy-yun, or something like that) As for how we're like.. In Chicago, and a select few others cities, just like every other big city. Except Chicago has more assholes, I guess. Everywhere else (ie: southern Illinois), just like Missouri. God I hate living in southern Illinois, which is sad considering I've lived here my whole life but yeah.... Nothing but country music and ignorance... Though mudding is a good time... OP: I almost hit YDI, but then I realized I don't exactly know the info. Did he lie to you, and he's a bad boy? Or did he get stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time, and it's not his fault? Or did you know all along? 2 against 1, FYL

OP: i think you mean Today, I pulled up next to my EX-boyfriend at a stoplight. He was in the back of a police car. FHL

i live in illinois, sadly. i just call everyone illini ppl. OP: im sorry, that would suckkk

75, I wouldn't just jump to breaking up without knowing why he was arrested.

haha thats rly funny but better than him being with another girl right?

Sucks to be him... so, tell us, what did he do?

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ya I know F HER LIFE not HER fapuld that HIS... I don't know where I'm going with this Carry on old chap.. or somethig along those lines O.o

I love how many FML readers have nearly impossible one-in-a-million coincidences.

considering there are about 7 billion people on earth. and about 4 billion have internet access (just guessing. too lazy to look up. feel free to call me out on it). and maybe about 1 billion go to fml (again dont know. good guess though huh?). So if its 1 in a million. seems possible that its happening every now and then.

That is in no way a one in a million coincidence. There are a lot of factors that could turn this into a one in ten coincident. Maybe the boyfriend was going to the the OP's house but was stopped because it was past the city's curefeuw(**** i mispelled that bad), i meant the time where minors aren't allowed to walk the streets, and the police picked him up

i agree with Zoomin12 this isn't an FML It's her boyfriends life that's ******

Well at least he wasn't driving a stolen police car. :P Seriously though, this could have been worse. As long as it wasn't a serious charge, everything should be alright.