By 5220 - 21/04/2009 13:13 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were driving back to college. He broke up with me 2 hours into the 3 hour drive. I had to sit in the car with him for the last hour. FML
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How can people possibly think she deserved it?

Ell363 0

That's when you start flipping off everyone you pass on the road while he's driving, then they take down his license plate number and beat his sorry ass later.


what an idiot... couldnt have at least waited all 3 hours

itsmeyippie 0

well who was driving? If it were OP she could have kicked him out the car and made the jerk walk. But you should at least wait until you are there

piderman13 0

hahaha he is retarded!! that's so awkward! (: that's why I find it funny (:

Could have had to sit with him for 3 hours being broken up. You should be able to still make good conversation with your ex even if there is that wish things were different.

you two must not have been close..people break up all the time..doesn't have to turn nasty..or mean..or be awkward. Sit there and talk to him. Find out why. Ask about his life. Jesus. Quit bitching at least rofl :P

malcolminthemidl 0

genius move by this guy. he probably finds you annoying, so what better way to get you to shut up?

Oh dear. At least you have a good reason to be pissed at him now, if you didn't already. That usually makes breakups easier for me.

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LOL this is great. At least he didnt break up with you right at the beginning of the trip.... then it would be 3 hours of awkwardness. ^^