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Today, I found out my boyfriend has been cheating on me. My dad noticed my depression and got me to tell him what was wrong. I told him everything, and trusting him to have an intelligent suggestion, I asked him what I should do. He shrugged and said, "Fuck, sue him, I dunno." FML
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Even in this situation, the best solution anyone can come up with is to sue. It's a sad sad world.

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dads. they always have the best advice. it's almost like he wasn't even paying attention to a word you said


Even in this situation, the best solution anyone can come up with is to sue. It's a sad sad world.

Hmmm just a random guess but the boyfriend perhaps ? Oh and I totally agree with 1 it is pretty sad that the first conclusion everyone comes up with is to sue

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I'm pretty sure OPs dad wasn't serious, he just had no idea what to say. I mean, it's your dad. Relationship advice might not be his forte--just appreciate the fact that you have a dad who would even hear you out.

21, I assumed he wasn't serious. OP would be laughed out of court. It was still the first thing that popped into his head.

OP's dad sounds a lot like far too many FML commenters...

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Concrete shoes Cyanide, TNT! Neckties, contracts, High voltage! Those are all good ideas and AC/DC gave the world this genius about 30 years ago. You don't need to reinvent the wheel.

You would be amazed of the lawsuits that sometimes prevail in court. Op will not be awarded a reasonable amount of money, but Torts is as simple as "you cause me damage/loss/pain/suffering you have to pay for it". Thank God there are still judges with some common sense.

What's crazy is that suing over a relationship failure has happened before. One of my friend's was sued for sexual harassment after hooking up with someone multiple times but ultimately refusing to go out with her. That would be such a shitty situation.

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It is sad. I'm going to hope it was just because he didn't know what to say. It ultimately reflects our issues in todays world. People do often jump to that, which is why we have owners of medical malpractice insurance companies making more than brain surgeons since people can win 50K on a few lost eyelashes because the doctors glove got stuck when applying surgical glue, and no the suit did not involve glue in the eye, just the eyelashes.

33, Sounds like an odd revenge plot. "I'll show you, I'll announce myself as a **** to the world so you have to pay me a small amount of money, THEN we will see who comes off second best!". Is this person by any chance one of the members of the Bundy family?

The other woman as reducious as it might sound lol for 'alienation of affection' that's a real thing :)

kotana191 8

dads. they always have the best advice. it's almost like he wasn't even paying attention to a word you said

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Your dad was just so lost for words at the assholery of your (hopefully) ex so he just said the first thing that was on his mind .

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OP's dad managed to wipe OP's ass and feed her while she was a kid, and he cares enough to listen to a (assuming) teenage girl go on about getting cheated on by her boyfriend. Seriously, do you expect your dad to go Chuck Norris on him or something?

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In this country, people sue other people for breathing in their air.

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TellMeWhatsDeath 14

45- that's great:) but I do hope you realize how dirty that sounded.

Tee hee! XD That did sound dirty, huh?

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Hey 32! Look at your picture! Why? It's what all of us think of your comment: NOBODY CARES.

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Well... At least he tried to help you. ^^ Sorry to hear about that.

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I have not heard that overused joke since 2007. Well done you.

And when one's referring to ****, the saying is "there's a fap to that."

6- Yes, I am sure there is an app to sue your cheating boyfriend... Dumbass

Well a woman in NC did do that to her husband's alleged mistress and won quite a bit! I'm sure the majority of the jury was made up of women (not to say women don't cheat on men) and I think the majority of us are tired of the constant affairs going on. I actually think it was a fantastic idea and maybe the lady will think before she spreads her legs the next time! It's the only way to get "justice" bc you can't go out and beat them up or kill them. However, when you have iconic figures like Dr. Seuss having steamy affairs what can you really expect? Needless to say, if I were you, I would break up with him. It's one thing to have a life with someone and a child with someone but you are free and clear to start over with someone who will love you the way you are meant to be loved!

Wait, why should she sue the other woman? For all we know the other girls didn't know either and was also cheated on. Should she sue OP?

I think I've heard of that case you're talking about. The husband had an affair with a woman who worked at some store where he would buy the wife lavish gifts. The mistress always handled his purchases, so she knew the husband was married. If it's the same case your referring to I think she actually sued the store, although she may have sued the mistress as well.

...And thereby guaranteeing no guy will ever want to marry her again. See, every story has a happy ending if you look for it hard enough :D

My uncle worked for the railroad and while married to my aunt he began dating a woman in another state. He dated her for two years and they had a kid together. One day, she just stopped hearing from him and after a couple weeks she decided to try to find him because she was worried and he wouldn't answer his phone. She looked up his home phone number and my aunt answered. Needless to say, both women were shocked. If my aunt had sued she would have been suing a single mother who had no idea that her child's father was married. My point is, it is the cheaters fault in any relationship. If the other person knows then they are scum but the person who is cheating made a commitment to someone and they are the one breaking the commitment. You cannot blame the other person when they had no idea and are probably just as hurt and confused as you are.

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We'll handle this like men....WE'LL SUE THEM! Sponge Bob reference anyone?:)

The only thing you can do is leave his sorry arse and find someone worth your time.