By Anonymous - 18/05/2011 04:38 - Australia

Today, I went to the doctor for a sore throat. The doctor wasn't wearing any shoes. He said that he doesn't believe in pharmaceuticals and that it's 'all about vitamins', and he gave me a flyer for a vitamin mail order company. Then he showed me photos of his holidays. FML
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perdix 29

Did he drive up in a fried-out combie? From the hippie trail, head full of zombie? He's probably right about the vitamins -- it's good to see there are some doctors out there who are not in the pocket of Big Pharma . . . or, for that matter, Big Shoe ;)


My throats hurting i want what he smoking

LOL 46, my doctor has one hand with long finger nails he cleans his ear with...

your doc seems like an old man. he sounds like a cutie pitoutie

You went to the doctor just for a sore throat? :/

Yeah stop being a bitch and go to the doctor for something a little more important.

So says someone who knows all about Australia because...?

I live there and am yet to understand that comment...

59: My dad ignored strep and wound up in the ICU. Why take the risk?

80. Well did your dad take vitamins? Obviously not...

PurpleRae420 0

Time to find another doctor WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS WAT HES DOING not this idiot

MuffyStJacques 0

Don't need to take a pill every time you get a tiny ache. It's called home remedies. Not many people think about the common herbs that can heal ailments.

a_nutritionist 10

ah an open minded doctor who doesnt disregard things because theyre not supported by a pharmaceutical company and actually keeps up to date on current literature...rare. youve got a sore throat, you dont need pharmaceuticals. a change in your diet is probably all you need at this point, just get yourself some common sense and stop wasting the time of doctors who are already overworked and overbooked. people like you are the reason i had to book a week in advance just to get a script. if you had a real problem this would be an fml. you dont. so shutup. YDI.

lindsaysue 4

Strep throat can cause heart problems and kill your kidneys. It isn't cured by a change in diet. I have a friend that has had 2 kidney transplants because he got strep throat when he was younger and it wasn't treated in time.

so do I but I don't pretend that I know it all... duh

a_nutritionist 10

@126 he doesnt have strep throat. thus this isnt an fml moment, its a YDI moment. people like that who refuse to accept doctors advice because it doesnt come attached with a script and the "now take 1 of these every morning before meals" message means more wasted time as they keep going back to see the doctor for something that is already treated. as such, people like me have to put up with their crap and wait longer to see someone because they need to be fixed immediately.

AceArctic 4

I'd rather have a hippie doctor than the one I have now that gives me a sex talk when I go in for strep...

perdix 29

Did he drive up in a fried-out combie? From the hippie trail, head full of zombie? He's probably right about the vitamins -- it's good to see there are some doctors out there who are not in the pocket of Big Pharma . . . or, for that matter, Big Shoe ;)

TinyDude 10

Op's doctor came from a land down under.

MuffyStJacques 0

Yep. Vitamin B14 can help defeat or prevent cancer.

Jammy01jams 2

so much win, in so little space.

is it bad that I was to lazy to read that?

I said to the man are you trying to tempt me? Because I come from the land of plenty!

jennifer93 0

my woman doctor doesn't shave her legs....but she doesn't do stuff like that...simple, find a new doctor...

hpdc 0

what has your doctor not shaving her legs have to do with anything?

CateXOX 0

I guess your throat didn't get any better when you ran out the room, waving your arms above your head and screaming.

Hey think of the bright side! You probably didn't have to pay him! And if he isn't good enough you could always get Doc Bastard as your new doctor!

CateXOX 0

I'm not sure I'd want DocBastard to be my doctor when his profile picture is a huge, bloodstained knife.

that was kinda the point of the joke, but anyways

The OP's in Australia, so wouldn't have had to pay, regardless. We have socialised medicine.

What a useless doctor. You should find a new one that acts at least a bit professional.

Relalith 1

I think your doctor has gone insane.

zowieandzander77 1

most sore throats are viral anyway so antibiotics won't help. The doc is right take some vitamins and get some rest.

I don't think vitamins will help in the immediate future but OP should try some over the counter medicine to calm down his throat.

Just about to write this myself, you don't have to go to the doctor for every sniffle. Antibiotics won't help viral infections.

ReynshineCutting 10

But you don't know if it's strep throat without going to the doctor and that you can cure with antibiotics.

15. Go watch the documentary "Food Matters." Vitamins help way more than you realize

a_nutritionist 10

@15 vitamins such as C can reduce the duration and severity of basic conditions like the cold or flu. theyre not supposed to be used as a method of getting rid of it, and it wont kill your symptoms but most people would want to get over a condition quickly rather than mask the symptoms for a while...or thats what id want anyway. embrace the pain for a couple of days and go back to being 100% or try to hide it n hope it goes away in its own time...hmmm...

Ask to chnage doctors then. If you are not happy with the service you've been given, do something about it!