By surprise - 15/01/2015 20:30 - United States - Starkville

Today, I wanted to surprise my roommate by picking her up from class with her dog. Her dog decided to surprise me by dumping a load on my passenger seat. FML
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Step 1) walk see if it needs to shit Step 2) put dog in car

I love that dog-shit air freshener.


That must've been a "shitty" situation. *Badumm tsss*

You must be new here

That one guy...

Don't ever be *that* guy again...

Well thats a shifty situation.

You're trying too hard, you don't even know if OP drives a manual.

I love that dog-shit air freshener.

Dog: Aint no way she's calling shot-gun.

Aint no way she's sitting in that car with that dog turd either lol.

Time to find other ways to surprise your roommate.

olpally 32

That's what you get for bringing a dog in a car. Good luck cleaning that up.

olpally 32

You're lucky.

Just getting the seat warmed up for its owner.

Why are people putting ydi?

Because he's a DA and does deserve it!

District Attorney? XD

So would I get more up votes if I spelled out a Dumb Ass?

Step 1) walk see if it needs to shit Step 2) put dog in car

There's also the possibility that he did walk the dog first and the dog didn't go. Whether it didn't have to at the time of the walk, it was too anxious to get in the car that it didn't want to go, or it ended up crapping out of fear/anxiety if it doesn't like car rides. Not a ydi in my opinion.