By Anonymous - 27/11/2011 22:46 - United States

Today, my boyfriend picked me up bridal-style to carry me to our bed. As he carried me through the bedroom door, the dog ran between his legs and sent us both crashing to the ground. FML
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xShannonxSammyx 7

At least he tried to be romantic! :)

The epitome of masculinity.


The epitome of masculinity.

The dog wanted to get into the action ;)

This brings a whole new meaning to doggie style!! ;p

20- That doesn't have anything to do with doggy style, and does not give doggy style a new meaning. Just putting it out there.

Bitches be cock blocking.(said in a very stereotypical ghetto resonance)

Gosh 33 it was just a joke ment to be taken light heart'd I know what doggie style is and I just wanted to do alittle pun on the story

46- You need to calm the fuck down. Mmk?

Muslimgal92 0

This is just another memory to laugh at later on :) cheer up!

light heart would???

beckybecks20 8

YDI for saying bridal-style.

33- doggy style will always have the same meaning... But nice try!

Flocka_23 14

Funny, good dog!!!

this dog is evil

That dog is fucking Cujo...

It never works like in the movies :/

Well, I was meaning error in the sense that I had double posted somehow so I edited the second comment to this.

xShannonxSammyx 7

At least he tried to be romantic! :)

bitchslapped22 14

And it all came crashing down

True, but nothing can be romantic with a dog in the house. It will either eat it, barf on it, run over or off with it. In this case running off with the mood.

bitchslapped22 14

Or it will take a used condom out of the trash so OP's mother can find it. That's happened one too many times on FML

absolutely n it's not his fault. also he didn't put you back on ground within 5 seconds saying you are too heavy..that's what my boyfriend did. even my 14 yr old brother can pick me but not my 21 yr boyfriend.

twinkletoes747 16

That's when you get freaky then and there! Who needs a bed for that?

Well, they might need a doctor instead now

What about the dog running about?

twinkletoes747 16

That's when you get freaky then an there! Who needs a bed for that?

twinkletoes747 16

Yay! Double posting. Thank you iPhone.

not a FML situation, laugh it off

Hey the dog has gotta have some lovin' to!

maybe it's a hint to do doggy style?