By The Drew - 21/09/2012 18:49 - United States

Today, after completely refilling my almost empty gas tank, I witnessed the price flip from $3.69 per gallon to $3.59. FML
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I got lucky. One day I filled my tank and watched the price per gallon go up. Sorry op

Erm, you need more than 5 gallons to fill a tank. And every little bit counts.


I got lucky. One day I filled my tank and watched the price per gallon go up. Sorry op

Congrats, would you like a cookie?

I got lucky when I got the app that shows you where is the cheapest gas station near you

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17 - 1 posted a decent first comment relevant to this FML, and you're just being an asshat.

oh big deal. 50 cents? its nothing

Erm, you need more than 5 gallons to fill a tank. And every little bit counts.

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It's ten cents smart one. We all mess up, so I forgive you, :D

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This guy must be a kid living under his parents roof or something. And he can't do simple math...

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You obviously don't drive, 2.

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2- You're an idiot. It takes waay more than 5 gallons to fill a tank. And gas is expensive as fuck so every saving counts! Edit: Dang you beat me to it. We said almost exact same thing.

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$3.59? That's cheap! It's about $4 here : Every penny counts

3.59, 3.69 all cheap. Try gassing up at 1.35/L or 5.40/gallon. Then come crying about it

I burn a full tank every day, 10 cents on a 30 gallon tank, 3 bucks. No big deal.

that's life

I wish I could pay 3.59 try 4.09 in ct if you use cash if you used credit it's 4.13!!!

17 - $4.15 in Cromwell, CT this morning. WITH cash. More for credit. I hate how they can do that. The cost of using a credit card versus the cost of having to pay an extra person to take care of the cash from the gas should balance out.

olpally 32

In this economy, I'm not surprised this happened at all... Lol. Gas station: 1 you: 0

Gas prices are an FML to all of us.

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Maybe you did something to the gas station cashier? Think about it...wasn't that you who clogged the toilet?

Right... Because the gas station cashier has the power to change the gas prices at will.

27 I'm pretty sure it was a joke. I don't blame you, Walmart makes me uptight too.

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Least the price dropped 10 cents.

Yes, but by the time OP needs gas again it will probably have gone up by 20 cents.

Whoa what? Gas prices drop? What world is this!

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Sometimes I think I need a second job just to fill up my gas tank to get to the first job.

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Time to find the DeLorean time machine!

fromthesuck 8

Do you have any idea how much gas it takes to time travel?! Neither do I...

As we saw at the end of the second movie... It runs on compost.

Time to start walking or biking then!

Haha I live 45 mins from work.

Even better!

$3.59! It's $4.29 where I live!

I know what you mean dude. It's $4.24 where I am in CT, yet a 20 minute drive up to MA yields $3.89 a gallon for Shell. I'd be thrilled to see $3.69 even, let alone $3.59.

Yay Connecticut people! Me too! :D *high fives*

$4.98 in Canada (in $US)

It's actually lower in the interior, as they use the cheap Canadian stuff.

That's freaking ridiculous up in CA and flipping ridiculous it's gotten out of hand like this!! DRILL IN ALASKA ALREADY!! Then we can be prepared in 5 years...or better yet we could have been prepared now had they done this 5-10 years ago!