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By  Vivera2  |  6

oh big deal. 50 cents? its nothing

  littlemsweirdo  |  12

You're an idiot. It takes waay more than 5 gallons to fill a tank. And gas is expensive as fuck so every saving counts!

Dang you beat me to it. We said almost exact same thing.

  evilplatypus  |  38

17 - $4.15 in Cromwell, CT this morning. WITH cash. More for credit. I hate how they can do that. The cost of using a credit card versus the cost of having to pay an extra person to take care of the cash from the gas should balance out.

  MrsAlexander83  |  10

That's freaking ridiculous up in CA and flipping ridiculous it's gotten out of hand like this!! DRILL IN ALASKA ALREADY!! Then we can be prepared in 5 years...or better yet we could have been prepared now had they done this 5-10 years ago!