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Today, my boyfriend and I were driving around town in his car. To my surprise he took me out to lunch. As we were leaving, a girl walks up and asks if he had room for one more for a ride, sadly he only has two seats in his car. Guess who had to walk! FML
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bt2breakskn 0

not much of a boyfriend.... drop his ass.

He had to walk. Right?


Time for a new bf...

You think so, #6?

he was being polite!

was your dog eating pie?

NotYourOrdinary7 6

-_- Get rid of him.

OP I hope you dumped him. otherwise the next 'fml moment' you have I'll say YDI

D-U-M-P dumped dumped dumped

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I say you find his car and pull a Carrie Underwood on his ass ;D

What an ass, definately time for a new boyfriend

I wish people commented normally instead of just replying to number 1. That'd be nice.

wow what an ass !! you need a new boyfriend with a better car hahaha !! lol fyl

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even though you just did it 32? fail.... but its funny because you bf made you walk so he could give a total stranger a ride

godofcyanide 8

32 - Remove that stick from your ass, kthxbai. @ OP - I originally said FYL, but, upon further reflection, YDI. The correct play: don't get out, make him drive you home, and THEN dump his ass. You F'd your own L the second you agreed to step out of the car for the other girl.

#36 That's the only way I could get the people who do this to pay attention.

the thing is no one cares, and fml would be boring and harder to follow comments if everyone had a seperate post. much better this way, trust me, go with the system, and don't ask any questions, it's good for you :)

#47 I care and I know others do, too. How would it be harder? It would be a thousand times simpler and less annoying.

"the thing is no one cares" Hurr durr that's why we're having this discussion, right? "fml would be boring and harder to follow comments if everyone had a seperate post" lolwat? It would be the same except people would actually reply for, you know, replying? Strange new concept! "much better this way, trust me, go with the system, and don't ask any questions, it's good for you :)" The "system" is that you use the reply button for replying. Not, "Ooh! Let's throw my comment up here! I'm so clever." I'm guessing you're new, too. The mods used to moderate thread-jackers but they stopped doing it.

#53 I love you :D

ur a dummy 39 she wasn't sitting in the car they were out for lunch and as they were leaving a chick came up to them dhhuurrr

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32 you just commented on 1. fail

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YDI for driving with your boyfriend around town in his car. To your surprise he took you out to lunch. As you were leaving, a girl walks up and asks if he had room for one more for a ride, sadly he only has two seats in his car.. Guess who had to walk!

But Matt... Everybody needs some love... :'(

YDI for being in a town.


#86-your gay for postage comments like that on every FML you read!!!

benny2465 0

WTF girls have to stop thinking well do everything for them, oh no you had to walk, he took you to lunch, quit bitchin

109 - I can't understand you.

skroal, I think he meant 'posting' instead of 'postage'.

86 - You have a firm grasp of the obvious. 

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Your bf better start treating you right or someone else will. He sounds very immature. You don't need that.

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He was just being kind to a stranger

OopsieDaisies 0

Dump the ungrateful sucker

KiddNYC1O 20

liar, liar pants on fire

9 and 133- Are you mental? It is not a symptom of 'kindness' to ditch your other half for some random stranger- especially one who may well just be hitting on him. It's kind to suggest a bus route or give them a taxi number. Girls aren't dainty little things who need rescuing any more.

lol he needs a bigger car !

skroal am gonna shoot u in the face

SoundnVasion 0

ydi for possibly being fat and unattractive causing your boyfriend to pick up a thinner attractive chick.

Are you obtuse? He just dumped her! There is no bf to dump!

That would be VERY nice. One can only dream...

@32, isnt that what your doing right now? XD

u stole the words right out of my mouth :)

BallinJ 0

ydi for not letn her sit on ur lap and dry hump u then proceed to have wild lesbian sex while ur bf watches and strokes himself.

153 - Ok am watch out for it. who had to walk?

swifft_fml 0

39 looks like a pedophile

#39, you are so fukin right about that!

jennniferlea 4

skroal, your my hero

skroal, he said he was gonna shoot you in the face. thts a threat so have him arrested. that would be an even better way of trolling

whoa! say whhhaaaa?? time for a new boyfriend is right!

wow... get some

Benny, you are a complete jackass. I'm guessing you never had a girlfriend. Well when you're in a committed relationship, you don't ditch your gf during a date and force them to walk home, all for another chick!!! If you did, you'd get your sad ass kicked to the curb for fucking good! OP, I really hope you break up with this douche, otherwise you're a real idiot!

endawmyke 0

I hope op's bf dies

TurboTalon 0

I'm pretty sure that was his way of dumping her.

What a little fucker.

haha I looove your picture! so funny! anyhoo... that sucks! who's boyfriend does that? waaait he's not your boyfriend anymore right?? sheesh

I hate this. FML to you OP, he was definitely interested in giving that girl a ride over his girlfriend. Awkward moment when he comes home. But sorry? FML isn't a guessing game..

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I agree. If there is any possible truth to this, then I'd say consider it over. Your bf just bought you lunch and then dumped you. Go get some Ben & Jerry's.

He had to walk. Right?

fuck u freeze. get hacked

I'm guessing the girl had to walk.

FyourLIFEdotCOM8 0

5 there are 2 girls lol. but maybe op shouldn't mooch rides off her bf and get her own car so when he asks for a ride take him somewhere far far away and leave him there so he has to walk home then when he gets back dump him

he knows there are two girls, he meant the little girl. Since op wrote:"guess who had to walk!" we all know op walked but he was trying to make fun of it. He completed his goal of making some people laugh.

Why would you allow him to choose her over you? I don't believe this one.

unmadebed - You so cute

iHeavenz 0

This is either fake or the other girl is hot like fire. Well, if it's real, I'd say dump him. Who the hell chooses some random stranger or some other girl to ride with instead of your own girlfriend? He's pretty much of a aye-hole. You should ride with another stranger next time you hang out with him when your in the middle of your date. :

You know that'd be pronounced I-hole right? like aye aye matey

iHeavenz 0

@ Johnny: That's the best thing about the internet. You get to type/talk like an idiot. [:

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I don't like this FML. D:<

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not much of a boyfriend.... drop his ass.

ydi for having a boyfriend with a car

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Amanyyyyyy 29

I don't know why this comment made me laugh so hard xD

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It was probably his real girlfriend.