By tukkies - 03/10/2010 09:23 - South Africa

Today, my friend and I offered a hot girl a lift home from campus. I was sitting in the passenger seat and she climbed in behind me. As I adjusted my seat forward to give her more leg room, my friend pulled off - slamming my seat back into her legs. FML
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Sticks and stones may break my bones, but a car seat will crush your tibia.

lindsaysue 4

A gentleman wouldn't have made her ride in the back seat.


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you shouldve seen that coming

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28 - Stop trolling. You spelt "******" wrong. FAIL TROLL FAILED.

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tht was stupid. unless she's taller then 5'9'' your seat doesn't go back tht far

83, have u heard of big ppl and little cars?

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Ouch! that's what you get for trying to get a girlfriend.

hahaha you cant get it on now i guess..maybe in the hospitol.

hope the girl's leg is okay.. and I guess you won't be seeing her anymore

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