By Goodyear - 20/01/2014 03:59 - United States - Glendale

Today, my boyfriend and I had sex. After a while, he started staring at my lady parts, and said my "vag looks like a mockingjay". He then stretched the lips apart like wings and made little "CA-CAW CA-CAW!" sounds. FML
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Askzombie 14

Well you volunteered as tribute.

Tell him his junk looks like an elephant, and flap his balls like Dumbo's ears.


All I got to say Ha

Would've been better off not saying anything.

You had to do it, didn't you?

You also said "all I got to say and ha"

I hope he knows that the mockingjay isn't actually a real creature..

By the fact that he couldn't come up with anything better than mockingjay, probably so.

skipper2009 18

Mentally most likely.

#43 what's with the hitmonlee picture?

Askzombie 14

Well you volunteered as tribute.

TheCutestLizard 28

I wouldn't doubt it.

beaverteaser 16

angrys birds?

Close, Hunger Games

Tell him his junk looks like an elephant, and flap his balls like Dumbo's ears.

Most men would seriously take that as a compliment and thoroughly enjoy having their balls flapped around. Just saying...

noonenoeone 22

Yea for sure...if elephant and my junk are used in the same sentence I'm having a good day.

unless the sentence is The elephant stepped on my junk.

Or, "You have elephantiasis in your junk."

RedPillSucks 31

^^ What? Seems legit.

If my wife told me my junk looks like an elephant, my ego would explode.

I've never laughed so hard at a comment thread. I can't figure out why it came across so funny but it did.

omfg I'm dying haha

that is honestly one of the scariest things I've ever heard

I am just amazed that her boyfriend was able to spread her labia wide enough to resemble wings.

with a name like yours I strongly suggest you never comment on fmls with feminine content. down votes are gonna happen

RedPillSucks 31

Every womans lady parts are different. Some are indeed flappable.

I agree #68. My ex had wings down there and she flew out to smoke a cigarette and never came back.

I seriously love this FML. I've been laughing for the past 15 minutes it feels like.

doesnt he have the birds mixed up too? mockingbird, blue jay, and crow - these are really common birds and ought to be recognisable to everyone

Most likely he has just been reading/watching The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins.

A "mocking jay" is from the Hunger Games.

Yes, but mockingjays don't caw like crows. They sing like, well, mockingbirds. So the boyfriend's comment was still mixed up.

Be glad he didn't say it looks like a turkey and make the 'gobble gobble' sound!

Or an old man in a nice hat. (past FML)

Goblin182 26

I thought women liked having their vagina gobbled.

RA91 26

I have to say that I completely agree, lol.

Was there also a toucan noise he was doing also? Lol

No..? Why would there be.

“i just had sex ”by akon

I bet you have to enjoy that song in a sarcastic sense instead of a celebratory one

It's by the Lonely Island