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  Ch0sen  |  13

Judging by the truly spectacular standards of most high schools in this country, he could easily have been a straight A student. God help America...

  simonsaysYDI  |  8

Some of the biggest idiots in the world are in college. Seriously. Going to college has no meaning anymore, especially since people are getting "degrees" at "OMG Phoenix University".

I mean whatever, they're going to school, that's good... but we have no idea what kind of "college" OP is talking about.

  kevinn95  |  0

Hello my name is ohh crap hold up...
One minute please..
Almost have it..
Ohhh so ur suppose to peel it off then stick it on ok ok i get it now but can u repeat that for me so i can make sure i have it down? Sorry this is kinda complicated you know being a college name tag and all

  Ch0sen  |  13

On the contrary, I believe nervousness does tend to slice in twain the IQ of most of its victims. What other reason is there that our politicians sound so idiotic during interviews? Surely not because their brains were void of content to begin with...

  docscientist  |  9

7 - nervousness can temporarily make you 'dumber' where all thought processes just sort of freeze. Suddenly that high speed rail is out of order and what you have left is a single lane detour over a rickety bridge.

By  fylx100  |  19

I wonder how OP was thinking how the sticker works? Like did he think a lanyard went in it? How else would you wear it? Besides, he could have just looked around. Oh well, I understand, people have there moments all the time. It happens to everyone lol