By eyerollplease - 30/04/2017 22:00

Today, after recently celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary, my husband and I watched my mom and his dad say "I Do". I am now married to my step-brother. FML
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PenguinPal3017 19

At least you're not your own grandpa.

There isn't enough therapy and booze in the world to make that right.


There isn't enough therapy and booze in the world to make that right.

Why not. There are no genetic/blood relations involved.

Taylor Caldwell 10

There is a whole other level that you're not even realizing here. Imagine your wife's mother were to start dating your father.

PenguinPal3017 19

At least you're not your own grandpa.

Lucky O'Guin 18

At least you already know your in-laws.

thunderniron 22

You know what they say, the closer the kin...

brightlink 8

Is that legal

It's legal here in the US in all 50 states.

pins91 27

It’s by marriage, so yes it is. There’s no incest.

It's more common than you think with that happening. And yes it's legal

Well, you were married first, so you win! :D

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jbeangrrrl 5

If they have kids, their kids would simultaneously be their children and their nieces/nephews because of the relation. That's one of the reasons why it's messed up and I don't blame OP for being angry about the situation.

No they're not. Not biologically and not legally. OP and her husband still have their own biological parents, regardless of the question whether they're alive or in contact. Future children will be related solely as siblings. I find it very hard to believe that, given the timeline of events, OP's father in law will actually regard OP as his step daughter. Marriage is a bond way less profound than being family. It's a legal transaction and pretext for a party. I'm surprised to see that its value is so highly regarded over actual bloodlines around here, creating a problem that imo honestly is a nice love story.

No they wouldn't, not biologically nor legally. Far-fetched argument to deny two people their right to be happy.

OP doesn't seem to be angry at the situation to me at all. Just remarking about the very rare situation.

I would Move far away and not talk to them. And have fun explaining the family tree to your future kids. School projects should be fun!

Is your sex more exciting now that you dirty people are doing forbidden incest?