By Anonymous - 21/09/2011 13:17 - United States

Today, I was making out with my boyfriend, and started to climb on top of him sexily. He blurted out, "Oh my god, you're like that girl from The Ring." FML
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leadman1989 15

You should have said "seven days"!

Way to ruin a mood...


Way to ruin a mood...

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

Your doing it wrong, OP.

At least you don't look like a hobit.

stacianichole 2

*You're (don't fire me)

Sounds like a roleplaying fetish to me :-) I bet he got even harder after that. Good going girl do your thing.

madskittlesftw 5

He got hard over a girl that looks dead? o.o awkward.....

He just wants to throw himself down your well.:)

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

My apologies. Damn iPhones. I must have put two of the letter "R" instead of "RE". I should really start skipping the whole abbreviation thing.... Okay, I am done rambling and will return to my corner for being a dumb ass and not proofreading. Carry on..

tylersign 11

I don't see the FML in this.. That girl from The Ring is super sexy.

The blonde lady was cute, not the long haired little girl coming out of the TV. *chills*

tylersign 11


That tape gives me boners! o|o

#18, If that's a roleplaying fetish, OP better get a 'safe-word'!

If u he got hard after that I'm gonna guess he's the same guy asking his girlfriend to play dead so he can have sex with her "corpse"

He was probably referring to the porn remake of The Ring, anyway. The Sexy Ring, where women come out the TV and get down and busy. Yum!

decidedlyvague 11

Him or her? 'Cause it sounded like she just freaked him the fuck out. Although a blowjob from an adult version of the ring girl would be fucking awesome. Although I'll die 7 days later from sleep deprivation and too much sex.

shumian 4

Samara was hot.. Just the way she screamed mommy... Uhh yea....

True Fact #1: Apparently there's a gay porn called The Hole and in it everyone that watches the tape turns gay. True Fact #2: Yes I wrote "apparently" in true fact #1.

That would have me turned on so hard... ;3

omfgfmlife 0

Twincest... your name is... so so good

That was a buzzkill...

No shit. I woulda Mike Tyson'd him right about then!

You mean bite his ear?

Poor Evander :(

leadman1989 15

You should have said "seven days"!

ikickgingers 15

3 - I Laughed so hard imagining this - I spit coffee on my desk. :/

sexylicious 4


MerrikBarbarian 9

haha I did too. except my cat was in my lap.. was. excuse me while I tend to my bleeding now.

#62 - I would suggest for you to get your girlfriend to tend to your bleeding, but that fact that you love animal skulls, and that you in fact own a cat, leads me to believe that you live alone and the cat that scratched you was one of the many cats you own to keep you company

What an asshole...

RunnerDudeTyler 0

Sounds like an insult, maybe he think you look like a psychopathic drown victim.

HU4L188 0

5. U have the best taste of music.... Ever... U are my hero

#70, you have the worst taste of spelling.

Have you not seen the movie? The girl climbs all over people trying to fuck them. It's so scary.

Epsilonyx 15

What a sweet compliment. Samara makes me cum buckets. That thick, oily hair. Mm.

curlyfry33 8

I like how this has 69 likes...

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Cereal_Is_Good 5

Well 96, it looks like you have 5 anonymous people to hunt down.

Make that 34 : )

125 now. Good luck.

YummiGummi 0

Maybe he was hinting at something.

@11 Oh THAT'S the ring they were talking about.

How you doin?

91nash 2

Wow ur rlly cute

Tell him he has 7 days to have sex with you.

Yeah, I guess I can see why that might have been a kind of a buzz kill.