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My apologies. Damn iPhones. I must have put two of the letter "R" instead of "RE". I should really start skipping the whole abbreviation thing.... Okay, I am done rambling and will return to my corner for being a dumb ass and not proofreading. Carry on..

  decidedlyvague  |  11

Him or her? 'Cause it sounded like she just freaked him the fuck out. Although a blowjob from an adult version of the ring girl would be fucking awesome. Although I'll die 7 days later from sleep deprivation and too much sex.

  scrapmetal58  |  9

True Fact #1: Apparently there's a gay porn called The Hole and in it everyone that watches the tape turns gay.
True Fact #2: Yes I wrote "apparently" in true fact #1.

  blcarter81  |  0

#62 - I would suggest for you to get your girlfriend to tend to your bleeding, but that fact that you love animal skulls, and that you in fact own a cat, leads me to believe that you live alone and the cat that scratched you was one of the many cats you own to keep you company