By ThisChick - United States - New Orleans
Today, I cringed at a memory of 5-year-old me going to restaurants I was brought to and stealing tip money because I thought it was free. I got to watch a kid do the same thing to me. Oh, sweet karma. FML
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By  28actress  |  22

In these kinds of situations it always makes me wonder, where are the parents?? I feel like if they were truly watching their kid they would notice them going from table to table scouting for cash!

By  Oh_No_Not_Him  |  25

I don't understand why kids would expect to take anything without asking their parents first. Doubly so for money.

However, the concept of tiping is a pretty strange one so I can see why neither of you (as kids) understood what the money was supposed to be for. Hopefully the kid's parents will spot this next time and explain things.

  Shade1982  |  20

Because they are kids maybe? Kids, especially younger kids, are curious and will grab anything even if it is just to take a look at it. At that age they don't care about things like 'ownership' or 'consequences'. That's what you as a parent are there for to teach them. But that doesn't mean they will always think about things like that.

  r83839  |  22

As the caretaker of a 3-year-old who most definitely understands ownership and consequences, I disagree with that. 5-year-olds are more than old enough to understand not taking what isn't yours because it belongs to SOMEONE. If my 3-year-old kid can do it, kids who are going to school every day certainly can too.

  SneezyBear  |  27

Kids can understand ownership and consequences at 5 (or even less than 5), but I can understand how money just sitting on an otherwise empty table would look like free money to a kid. It would appear like someone had lost or for some reason intentionally abandoned it. Think about it, if it's reasonable to pocket money you see lying on the ground with nobody around to claim it, 5 year old kids would probably think the same applies to money you see lying anywhere with (apparently) nobody around to claim it, restaurant tables included.