By S…… - 09/01/2011 10:18 - Singapore

Today, my boyfriend and I had sex. He decided to make gun sound effects as he came. FML
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And yet another upset woman who does not want to have fun in bed. Man I swear, the majority of women who post these types of comments on FML just want the guy to go back and forth for a few minutes and not say or do anything but that and then finish up and be done with it


After? So either OP didn't want to wait for her BF to come, or OP's BF came twice?

Or OP's boyfriend pulled out and was jerking in to a finish. OP, lighten up. That's pretty funny, and unless you want to be with a very dull guy. You have to deal with this type of thing.

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Someone seems a little dull...

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Your boyfriend is comfortable showing you his goofy side. He's also making an attempt at humor, whether you find it humorous or not. Why exactly are you complaining about this? Because you felt somewhat embarrassed by it? That sounds like a personal problem to me.

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and if you're embarrassed by it why you you post it some place for the entire world population to see??

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"I tell ya, this would be painful to watch if you loved that girl."

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I need to try this with my girl

lol! honestly i thinnk its cuutee and funny! an idk how this is an FML.

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Haha that's funny. Get a sense of humor.