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By kjdhfakjs - 20/05/2010 18:32 - United States

Today, while having sex with my boyfriend, he started pretending he was a dog. This included barking, licking my face, and scratching his ears. FML
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So he basically doesn't understand exactly how doggiestyle works.

littlemissdqgirl 8

Wow, your sex life must be kinky lol


he doesn't understand what doggy style is!!

Saying " they must be doing it doggy style, hahahahaha" is not funny.

she's acting like a bitch, so he wanted her to feel beter be a dog like her.

Look, I'm cool because I'm replying to the first comments. Douches. But... Was it rough? (meuhahaha)

Raleigh_bruh 7

Haley? You aren't supposed to be on here :P. Op, I think your bf has regressed emotions towards dogs or something. You should look into that.

lol relaigh I can be on here now. I took my ipod from my mom and when she told me to give it back to her I said no. now I just need my phone back..

rohosoccer08 1

haha ur bf is weird... definately taking doggy style to a whole new level

IchbinSyn 0

OP your man is strange!! Doggie style lol

PlagueGround 0

Maybe he was hinting at something...

snagglepaste 0

you dont have to throw him a bone. he already has one.

I am very much tempted to bash the FML mods....I wonder if I'll get banned for even saying that..

The_grumpy_bear 0

Interesting form of fore-play. Sounds kinda fun. Not an FML unless you were allergic to him.

KaraShinee 0

it's called role play haha op

maybe he was trying to be more creative and got really into it or were u guys going doggie style hmmmmm lol but fyl and i feel soooo new cuz i am lol ik ppl random im sorry

bballer55 0

Quiet moochoo your stupidity annoys me

Did he sniff your butt? mark his territory?

soggy style .... your doing it right

Raleigh_bruh 7

Jess, shhh lol. Don't speak these things out under the #1 post :P.

andrysb24 5
kjdhfakjs 0

we were not doing doggy style hahahah

Notjustanother1 0

everybody else has already replied with the doggy style jokes

Notjustanother1 0

did he sniff your butt and piss on you to mark his territory ?

missdezzybabee 0

Obviously you knew what I meant so shut the fxck up!! Hence the shut up part DOUCH FAG!

marine10_fml 0

Abbi! what's really funny is there are dogs in the backround of your picture, you are gorgeous btw!

you're just jealous you didn't think of it first.


was she a bitch O.P if so i understand

soggy style means you're doing it right

pinkorchid88 0

well since he has pretending to be a dog you should have told him to lick u somewhere else rather than in the face lol...you wount be complaining then

NzxtZ06 0

WTF. you need to get out of there before e starts biting you and dry humping your legs

bluesclues72 0

he likes it "ruff". haha :)

stepheniscool 0
tjrocks1294 0

it's a hint that he wants to do doggy

bojeffs 0

scratch his ears? With his feet? o_O

ticklemechantell 0

am I the only person that finds this cute? XD

So he basically doesn't understand exactly how doggiestyle works.

Fridiculously 0

friggin ew. he sounds like a furry.

pervey. LOL. next time put a shock collor on him!!!

Could of been worse, he could have started licking his crotch

How the hell could he be licking her face if they did it doggy style?

littlemissdqgirl 8

Wow, your sex life must be kinky lol

Virus963 5
madmax82988 0

well were you doing it doggy style?

dude, your not cut..... your pic is just a shame....

wow, your jacked-off also.... hahaha man i hope this pic is a joke..... if its not, then FYL

jeez jack skellington you should try eating something you look like lindsey lohan

uh, ur pic is kinda disturbing...ur so skinny :o

bballer55 0

i didnt kno lindsey lohan was a dude!!! explains so many things now

Raleigh_bruh 7

Lol, wow. Every time dude posts a comment he get so many replies on how he looks :P.

Raleigh_bruh 7

Ehh, I got more than warned lol.

haha :) well message me so you don't get in trouble again!

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madmax82988 0

Sam . love your new pic. what's with the shorts? it's always on =)

that is some extreme awkwardness.what can you say to that?