By thetalkingvagina - Australia
  Today, my boyfriend was going down on me. Suddenly, he grabbed my 'lower' lips and moved them in a talking motion, proclaiming that "the talking vagina declares war and wants to conquer the great penis." FML
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  knibbsy  |  4

Blue_Coconuts and Monikabug, you're kidding me, right?! This such an epic win. I figured that any person who has at least an ounce of humour in them will not let this ruin sex. Hell, the type of girls I go for would say "the war is on! bring it, penis!"

  austin_DGAF  |  0

173-and you're complaining about people who type what they want. why does it bother you what they write?
are you that fucking miserable that you have to find something, that's not even a problem and bitch about it?

fucking bitch.

  Monikabug  |  9

@150, nope. definitely NOT kidding.
It's not about having a sense of humor, 'cause Colin and I both have one. But seriously, right in the middle of being eaten out and he starts making her vagina talk?
Try going from feeling intense pleasure, to having your labia being used as a puppet.

And for the record? We never said it wasn't funny. We just said it'd be a mood killer.

  xXLenaXx  |  0

this is an EPIC WIN.

OP, you should have sex with him until the moment that he comes, then get off him and just as he's coming, shout "the talking vagina has sensed danger and moved out of the way of the firing cannon!" just as he starts spurting. that'd make it more epic, AND get him back. :P