By thetalkingvagina - 09/06/2010 11:34 - Australia

Today, my boyfriend was going down on me. Suddenly, he grabbed my 'lower' lips and moved them in a talking motion, proclaiming that "the talking vagina declares war and wants to conquer the great penis." FML
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We_Li_Ve_Fr_Ee 0

Boyfriend Win, simply put.

All that evil needs to win the day is for men of good character to do nothing. All hail the great penis.


We_Li_Ve_Fr_Ee 0

Boyfriend Win, simply put.

yup he's just having fun

lol he is epic like only afatamonkey can be

this is simply epic... =D

i hope he's got both his ally cause if not he might lose...;)

vaginawhisperer 0

fu&$ing awesome simply put

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Om nom nom nom

goingdown_fml 0

wow he's a keeper

Blink182ftw 0

your boyfriend is hilarious

hahaha your boyfriend is awesome!

good job bf. now neither one of them will stop talking

anaisnin 0

OP get a sence of humor.

MrCalves 1 who won the war?

snagglepaste 0

I hope the vagina hasn't been talking to Oprah's midge! He's scary!

hahahahaha I agree! :D

sounds like something my bf would do. I'd find it hilarious.

lol win. this isn't even an fml. gj op you have downs

Blue_Coconuts 7

I think it would be a mood killer....

TheGuyPersonDude 0

that's fucking awesome haha

Monikabug 9

@Colin: I agree entirely!

hahahaha well on the brightside he's creative?

AquaSky 1

This guy needs to find the girl who played with her guy's tool like a lightsaber.

autumn16 0

ha this would be amazing haha

muaythaifighter 2

Random of me but are you a wrestler?

Well I don't see an FML here, unless the "great penis" wants to be the one conquering other "great penises"

tmcnatt2012 0

lol your boyfriend has the gift of crafting epic wins js

99, if you expect people flaming you for this, then your expecting attention, attention whore. ^^

AnAngryGorrilla 0

101, You're dumb for giving him attention...and so am I kinda...

yeah but slightly funny at the same time

enemy nuke incoming!

hahaha. that's awesome!

YevKassem 0

agree with 107 if this is an FML you have no sense of humor

TheDeadWhoWalks 0

Haha This Nigga "Care Package Waiting Gor Directions"

that's not an FML... that's a total WIN

I want to shake this guys hand. bf win!

haha! I hate all the FMLs that are people just being funny. your boyfriend is funny and is nice enough to eat you out.

naynayyy 0

hahaha 66 south park reference ftw

Oh, def a mood killer. Still funny as hell though.

ThatBustaNate 0

high five #101

Yup. I agree with 1.

knibbsy 4

Blue_Coconuts and Monikabug, you're kidding me, right?! This such an epic win. I figured that any person who has at least an ounce of humour in them will not let this ruin sex. Hell, the type of girls I go for would say "the war is on! bring it, penis!"

36jg63 0


hahahha!! winn! your bf is halarious xD

117, where's that other pic I asked you about?

it's like if Oregon state played south Carolina, "despite an early surge, the beavers outlasted the cocks"

iRawrrrx33 0

I love how people try to relate things to their life. it's not about you stop being desperate.

173-and you're complaining about people who type what they want. why does it bother you what they write? are you that fucking miserable that you have to find something, that's not even a problem and bitch about it? fucking bitch.

not even that bad

I agree with number 1, OPs bf sounds funny, but it's not the biggest turn on for OP to be fair !

173: I don't even understand which comment you're referring to.

iRawrrrx33 0

177- hey guess what? I wasn't talking to you. and it's stupid because they try to get attention by changing it into something about them.

iRawrrrx33 0

203- oh I was refering to 75, I think. I've just seen a lot of people change the fml into something about them.

at least he goes down on you. not many guys do that. be greatful. and would it kill you to play along?

oh shit sorry I didn't see that. that is kind of annoying.

rawr.. then don't read the comments then u nosey ass bitch mind your own buisness.

lmfao!!! epic win

michael888 0

so r u #52 ur beautiful

and this has happened to me too -_-

bwahaaahaha @85 that would be epic

Monikabug 9

@150, nope. definitely NOT kidding. It's not about having a sense of humor, 'cause Colin and I both have one. But seriously, right in the middle of being eaten out and he starts making her vagina talk? Try going from feeling intense pleasure, to having your labia being used as a puppet. And for the record? We never said it wasn't funny. We just said it'd be a mood killer.

i totally did something like this :P

no kidding. I'd laugh so hard if he did that.

Ha ha ha! I Totally agree. This is an FYL. FYL OP, you don't know how to appreciate a fantastic boyfriend with a sense of humor that goes down on you.

vag beats dick. always

You suck ass! Your boyfriend is awesome!

give ur bf a high-five for me XD

imagineapc 11

Yay for people who know how to take a joke and roll with it! I would be thoroughly amused if my husband did that to me.

iRawrrrx33 0

212- hypocrite.

that would make me laugh so much, i'd give my bf a nice reward :) or get him back by squirting his "cannon" mid-war into his face :D

Liv94 2

Get a SENSE of spelling

ShalynStar 0

get a life. Seriously, he was just playing.

hahah wow thats awesome i pretty much did the same thing to my wife haha

52 you should give me a nice blowjob

hah, not many people remember that episode

exactly what I was thinking

coltonhaskin 0

That's Funny Shit Right There

vballerlover07 0

Ohh. Fun role playing games! Lol. FYL OP.

hahaha he's funny :)

bonicr 0

I bet it was a total mood killer but come on, that's humor anyone can appreciate!

hagahaga he is pretty funny

this is an EPIC WIN. OP, you should have sex with him until the moment that he comes, then get off him and just as he's coming, shout "the talking vagina has sensed danger and moved out of the way of the firing cannon!" just as he starts spurting. that'd make it more epic, AND get him back. :P

u did this before love? :D

Herropreez17 0

Hope there is no biological warfare involved if you know what I mean...

lmao that's great

sex shouldn't be so seriouse so he tried to be funny lol.

jonjon1217 0

is that really an FML?

LOL. I love OP's screen name. That is so embarrassing though!

That’s a hell of a turnoff when you were previously just enjoying some good head!

banna2286 0

that's funnny

brookeec 0

omg hahahahahah thats freaking hilarious!!!

so you hate foreplay fyl OP XD

you call that foreplay? FYGFL!

I think the bf hates foreplay...

I'm from NSW 2. also be grateful for his imagination

stewpididiot 11

Wow!! I'll bet he has epic swordfights with his boyfriends !!!

Haha that shit is dirty Gay lightsaber battle!!

epic indeed