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  flomysta9  |  0

I know I'm thread jacking. but this has to be seen. did anyone else notice th fact that this clown is getting head. and his girlfriend says yummy meaning she likes it. and he says fuck his life. op...go practice falling down

By  Yukos  |  0

"Today, while my girlfriend was going down on me" anything that begins with that and doesn't end with some horrible accident involving teeth is not a FML.

By  marc_with_a_c  |  3

Seriously how is that an FML? Not like she said anything negative about how it tasted like shit, or it was small, or not able to get up or anything.. If you're not happy about getting head from her, I can replace you you know, I won't bitch about it.

By  bubbles94  |  0

If I say "You totally deserved it" it doesn't make sense, because you're
complaining about a blow job that your gf gave you while pretty much
admitting that she likes doing it. And if you're whining about it you
don't deserve something like that. So I can't click that button.

If I say "i agree, your life sucks" it doesn't make sense either. (read pervious part
of the comment)

Is there a "stop being a whiny bitch button please?"