By kblevss - 05/01/2013 09:21 - United States - Bayville

Today, I was having sex with my new boyfriend, and I realized that he enjoys making airplane sound effects while inserting himself inside of me. Moment ruined. FML
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theneatoburrito 8

Well show him you enjoy making airplane sound effects as you leave the bedroom.

You know what would really drive him wild? Shave a landing strip for him.


theneatoburrito 8

Well show him you enjoy making airplane sound effects as you leave the bedroom.

I agree, if he keeps it up it can be terminally ill for your sex life.

I don't think terminally ill was the phrase you wanted to use there...

33- Oh yea, it can totally have a carcinogenic effect. Cause ya know, whenever I don't know what a word means, I just try to ********** it into my sentences.

Hey now it's her own damn fault, what was he supposed to think when she had a landing strip

#50 "just try to ********** it into my sentences." That made my day, thank you.

I think it was a pun - airport "terminal" as well as the "terminal" as in death. Obviously puns are not to everyone's taste in humour.

That's what I thought, but he could have written it like this for better effect: "yeah, that could bring your sex life to the terminal" or something. (I'm no good at puns please don't judge me. I'm nowhere near as sharp as some others, like Pleonasm or perdix lol)

I think it was a pun attempt. "Terminal",

ulis_fml 6

Well I hope he doesn't miss her landing strip

LMFAOwned 9

"Sex with new boyfriend". Now, not to judge her sexual activity and decisions, but perhaps if she got to know this boyfriend more before intercourse, she would know that airplane sounds get him going

That reminds me of the one guy who did the Star Wars theme song.

LiterOfCola 16

Ahh you aren't an airplane lady... Ask him to helicopter for you!

Wait, are you saying he that can't be it...even I am stumped as to what you are trying to insinuate, and my mind is very corrupt.

I think 5 meant helicopter as in the sex move where the guy inserts himself and spins on top of her with his upper and lower torsos acting as the blades on top

beddington 7

No he needs to go vroom vroom(park his limo in her garage) :)

LiterOfCola 16

C'mon 32, don't act like you've never helicoptered in front of the mirror before.. I thought all the guys would know what I was saying haha And no, 35.... What the ****?

I laughed so hard at 71's response to the previous guess. Just though you all reading this thread would like to know that, if, for example, you're unsure what a typical response would be. TL;DR I lol'd.

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MrAwesomeSauce 6

Open up here comes the air plane vroom...this is the pilot we had a clean landing.

"Tower this Adam 229er jumbo on approach. Requesting permission land. "Negative 229er. We have you in a holding pattern at 1500 feet behind 326 heavy." "Uh, tower please repeat. WTF."

tsent8 15

I think she should just dress up as a naughty flight attendant.