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Today, my girlfriend went shopping at Victoria's Secret with me. While she was in the fitting room, her parents walked by and saw me. They don't approve of the store, so I panicked and told them I was considering becoming a woman. FML
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Out of all the things you could've said, that's probably the most fabulous! I hope they took it as a joke OP, that's hilarious :-)



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YawMoney 14

They probably don't approve it for the "not married"


Nor did it say they walked outside. They were more than likely inside, where the OP was able to talk to them.

The dressing rooms for stores are usually all the way in the back and that particular store tends to have them away from the entrance considering the women are trying on lingerie. The parents were more likely than not browsing around the store when they ran into him.

33 got thumbed down but i agree with them, you cant see the dressing rooms from outside the store

#33- It says his girlfriend was in the fitting room, not OP. He could quite easily have been near the entrance. If they were in the store OP would have been more likely to say 'Her parents walked in and saw me' not walked 'by'.

38 - It seems unlikely to me that a guy would be browsing around a Victoria's Secret store while his girlfriend is in the changeroom. If anything, he would probably be waiting right by the changeroom.

It says walked by, not walked by the store, it could mean, walked by the change rooms

I generally wander around the store while the person I'm there with is changing. I have a short attention span...

#65 so does my other half. Although in Victoria's Secret he walks round looking for things he wants me to try on. Wishful thinking, my friend.

The number one most "I feel your pain" moment I have ever experienced was when I was shopping with a girl, and I see this other dude with a girl. We eventually made eye contact and we both had the same facial expression, like we wanted nothing more than to turn to the girl we were with and say "Can we please go to GameStop and look at some action games, or go see a movie made by Michael Bay?" We both just looked 100% done with shopping.

What if his girlfriends birthday or something was coming up and he was gonna get her something nice, there are multiple other possibilities

But they were in there scoping out reasons to not like it...?

They weren't inside it, they were just walking by

They probably don't approve of their daughter wearing Victoria Secret, but don't mind some for themselves ;)

17, But IF he was with her at the change rooms, those are tucked wayyy in the back.

chill99 15

Just don't tell them that their daughter is now a "lesbian"

Uhh it's a bf gf relationship the daughters not gay

the joke just flew over your head, didn't it?

Out of all the things you could've said, that's probably the most fabulous! I hope they took it as a joke OP, that's hilarious :-)

lexiieeex3 32

OP could have just said he was buying her perfume or something...

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It wasn't a tongue slip, it was a terrible last second excuse and hilarious

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People under high amounts of pressure can say the most ridiculous things. They don't mean to say it at all. It just comes out.

lmao, out of all the excuses yoy could have used... dying to know their response, follow up please OP!

Kyle1dc 17

scumbag brain, honestly why do you do this?!

coolest possible answer! and I really mean it :) i don't know how to vote, though, because your life doesn't suck and I don't really think that you deserved it either...