By fatty:( - 15/04/2011 09:30 - Australia

Today, my 15 year old daughter got kicked out of her cheerleading squad because she was overweight. I heard one of the cheerleaders say, "She must be overweight because her mom is." FML
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greg1234567890_fml 2

stupid *****. dont even worry about it.

sounds like you care about yourself more than your daughter


greg1234567890_fml 2

stupid *****. dont even worry about it.

tell them ah then you must be a total bitch because your mom is one aswell

on the bright side,. your daughter is not a superficial fake ****. it's technically good she's not involved in that crowd those girls end up doing stupid things in high school

She didn't need to say that, but as for getting kicked off the team, Who wants a fat cheer leader?

also. some people can't help being overweight. so what if ur fat not everyone is like the photoshopped girl in magazines. and you have a daughter so it obviously didn't stop you from finding love

ImaWiseGuy 5

bright side...... now your daughter doesn't have to be involved with a program that puts pressure like that on a 15 year old girl.....

So being physically fit makes you a superficial ****? Granted many cheerleaders can be that way, but there are just as many people that aren't cheerleaders who ate just as superficial and slutty. You sound incredibly jealous.

I wasn't talking about non-cheerleaders. and yes I was kind of stereotyping but from my experience at least half of the girl on the squad do it for attention or popularity, plus, in high school girls that are physically fit tend to attract guys more, and sometimes they end up making bad decisions becuase there looks brought them popularity. it also makes them think they have the right to be a bitch. again, this isn't everyone, but it happens to a few

Yes I agree with you, all I'm saying is it's not all cheer girls as you inferred before, and it's not JUST cheer girls.

Wow this FML really made me mad. Bitches are heartless. OP's daughter will never forget that. I feel so bad for her. </3

at least ur daughter is less likely to get aids.

I agree with 56. People are ruthless as he'll nowadays. That's why I'm as nice as possible to everyone. Which sucks, but I necessary.

Don't people watch all those tv series or movies of high school and cheerleaders? Not a surprise to me OP's daughter deserves it not for being fat, but for not GTFO of there. We live in a world where people is mean get use to it specially high school.

SofaKingFast 0

True. Good looking people tend to make more money, and wealthy people tend to have aids. Lots of aids. Aids for every day of the week.

Not all cheerleaders are *****, not all fat people are ugly, not all bitches are *****. I'd feel sorry for OP, but usually if the parent isn't exercising and having a healthy diet, the kid is having trouble too. Plus a heavy cheerleader is harder to toss in the air.

noobgang7 5

These cheerleaders are not *****. ***** are warm and deep, while these bitches are cold and shallow...

tsim_fml 0


Can't see why a fat girl can't be a cheerleader. Since she is beefed up she could help hold those anorexic barbie-wannabes while they do the air jumps. I once met a fat cheerleader and she was a total bitch, even went so far to call me a ***** in the hallway [ :'( ]. But w/e, point is; fatties can still be cheerleaders and they can still be mean as hell.

emmanizzer 6

if a girl is bigger they just won't make her a flyer. she can still be a cheerleader

I can read a lot of jealousy Towards cheerleaders... I was in band... a nerd but still got more guys to attract to me more than cheerleaders did.. and that was at any school.. sorry that op's daughter didn't make it into cheerleading.. but band is way more fun and very healthy.. I think shell like that! :)

forestqueenie 0

well I was in band too, and I can honestly tell you they are some of the best people I ever met! But most of all sooooooo sexually active! but they never got pregnant, lol at least not at my school, and all the cheerleaders were bitchy and most have kids lol... it's kinda hard to say otherwise when the numbers aren't in your favor

band nerds unite!!!!!! lol ... but the kid numbers aren't the same at my school.. they're about even in who had kids lol

a_cassie 4

95, not all cheerleaders are ******. I'm a cheerleader & I have been in a faithful relation for about a year.

she can still cheerlead, that's total bull shit, and we don't know of the mom is over weight or not she could be hot as hell and those stupid hoes don't even know it!

staceysgenesis16 0

tie the bitches up , throw em into a fire , and atferwards eat them. stupid *****. id slap their faces off their ******* head .. ahh i feel better now :)

lol the band kids get more action then most people I know. even more so are the girls in guard, they're pretty promiscuous. it's fun though :D

Person000 0

I'm sorry but fat cheerleaders shouldn't be allowed. Not physically fit enough football or basketball players get cut so why shouldn't overweight cheerleaders that can't handle as much, nor can they be lifted up in the air. i don't really care about cheerleading but you can't complain that they cut fat people that aren't good. sports teams do it all the time,

246 - Fat doesn't always equate to being unfit.

AwesomeAsFcuk 0

yeah i get that what the girls said was bitchy buy your making a huge generalization!!! not all cheerleaders are like that!!! i'm a cheerleader and a straight a student and im not a ****

islandcarrie 2

I agree, who needs the pressure?

scvcwcheer 0

dont stereotype cheerleaders. they are NOT all the same. I know TONS of cheerleaders that are not superficial *****. not all cheerleaders do it for attention. most do it because they love it. and all you see is the school cheerleading. there is more to it than that.

Wow #103, your grammar and spelling skills are so absolutely, horrifically terrible I wanted to spray myself in the eyes with a mixture of windex and antifreeze. As for OP, and I know this is an AGE old post, your girl and you are probably both very great looking people, regardless of what a teenage cheerleader says.

cptmorgan15 2

Damn, and I got off thinking it was.

reganera 0

that's retarded re re retarded

66 I read your comment in a sing song voice. It made me happy.

skoock 0

well who wants a fat cheerleader. keep your weight under control, it's unhealthy. And isn't it said that fat parents are likely have fat kids? Hit the gym big mama

she deserves it she shouldnt be fat or let her kid get fat... theres no excuse for obesity. ( and yes there is an illness that can make you obese but it affects less that 1% of the population)

whoisthisgirl 4

move to here. both towns I've lived in have fat cheerleaders. and they are always the annoying bitches who think they are better than you.

why the overweight-hate? (teehee rhymes) we're mostly happy with our weight so screw you :3 I was obese since I was 2 and now I'm down to just overweight never trust grandparents abroad with toddlers

But you don't know for sure that she isn't in that one percent, therefore you can't say for sure that she deserves it. And anyway, there's not just ONE illness that makes you fat; there are several.

yeah Cancer! chemotherapy and the massive steroids I had to take made me gain a ton of weight.

Randuhh_17 4

191-chemotherapy did? dad had cancer, and his chemo made him drop weight like crazy. he was also on steroids. he ended up without an ounce of fat on him. I guess it effects people differently..I hope you are better, my bests to you.(:

Wow, I love this argument about obese bigotry (lets get this out of the way now, I'm an american white athiest teenager, so bring on the hate) Lets see all the great ways obesity is used in stupid ways. 1. People who are too fat to fit in one seat should only be charged for one seat despite being given two. 2. Being morbidly obese (as opposed to overweight) is not always a persons fault. 3. BMI is an accurate way to define obesity. 4. Obese people should be entitled to handicapped parking spaces. ( shouldn't the extra distance walked be helpful?) I hope others can find more of these examples.

abceasyas123abc 12

There are high school cheerleading squads in Australia??

theres a few, but not directly related to high schools.

Of course it may not really be Australia, they may have just put that there, for the sane reason I put I'm from Madagascar, why not?

Of course it may not really be Australia, they may have just put that there, for the sane reason I put I'm from Madagascar, why not?

44 your not from Madagascar? :o I was going to ask the same thing about cheerleaders in aust... but you all cleared that up for me! thanks :)

hmm. very good 68. I feel ashamed I didn't notice that...

dudeitsdanny 9

The FML post doesn't use a given location, but the actual location of the OP, based on their ISP and such. At least that's how it used to be, I doubt it's changed.

110, mine says I'm from Dublin, because I wrote that I'm from there.

amyyw 0

actually it does say Australia. but she could be lying so I'm not gonna argue. I'm just putting that out there

my sister uses mom all the time and we live in Australia -.-

218 it's all the American shows and movies covert we do, we thin the ranks by having a fat person hunt, like our version of seal clubbing, used to use foxes but they are really fast and hard to hit. This way we cull the fatties and everyone gets to have some fun.

TrueStory22 0

Not judging, but it's probably somewhat true. If you're overweight, it's likely that your habits and lifestyle that cause you to be overweight, also cause your daughter to be overweight.

And you have little use of a too heavy female cheerleader since it's hard work as it is.

I agree with #4 also. That girl didn't deserve to hear that being said, but being her parent, OP probably shares some responsibility.

sccrismyantidrg 4

Last time I checked 67, breathing ability had nothing to do with whether or not you stuff your face with junk food.

Ok...this bothers me. So many overweight people blame their problems on some bodily dysfunction. Exercise is only part of weight management...what food you shove down your throat is most likely the reason for you being overweight. I'm a chronic asthmatic and I have no problem keeping my weight healthy.

Exercise is a huge part. Yet still, I'm sure simple things like walking wouldn't make you breathe that hard?

I agree, being overweight is unhealthy and it's probably because you have unhealthy eating habits. Being overweight causes so much health issues it's unbelievable. I think that all overweight people should do a better job at making the right choices with healthy eating and exercise (it doesn't have to be hardcore exercise, just taking a walk instead of watching tv ?) ydi op for being overweight and for teaching your daughter unhealthy dietary habits.

i agree completely. theres no excuse for obesity, and its even worse when you destroy lots of your childs life opportunities by making them obese too

OfficialxAmber 0

120- Why does it even matter? No one looks past "looks" anymore. Who ******* cares if she's a little over weight?

120 - who said she's obese? There's a huge difference between being overweight and obese.

we're talking about cheerleaders, ops daughters weight was probably average

seriously... lol your fat cuz you lazy... that's like having "work induced asthma" lol

I agree that weight management is important but seriously, metabolism, hormones, amount of ATP you create (the energy you need to move) and genetics all effect your weight and are usually things that are insanely difficult to control. ATP production can be a serious problem if for some medical reason your body doesn't go through the correct cycles. Perhaps you should be more tolerant to the problems that are out of others control which you may have no idea of. (and if your argument is that people control eating habits, when your body has a problem beyond your control the only way to lose weight is to not eat anything which only makes it worse because your body doesn't have the sufficient nutrients required to LIVE.) Everyone has their own struggle so shut up and live with it. their weight doesn't affect you anyway.

Yes. you can walk and be in shape. Being in shape doesn't always mean healthy, but it is often associated with it.

4Lonely2Stoner0 0

Ohhhhh poor fat people. Grow a pair and hit the gym. And 67, even if you do have an "hourglass shaped windpipe", if you eat right you can still loose weight without even going to the gym. God, fat people piss me off so much.

If you're overweight, you're overweight. Regulating your diet should be enough to keep you healthy. Exercise would build up your muscles, though. Even if OP has a condition, she also could have made an effort to keep her body in healthy shape. Besides, gaining weight is only an equation. You eat more calories than you use, you gain weight. Honestly, I do believe she does deserve it. 4 is right.

And actually, 153, if you're close to someone who is obese, the chance of you also becoming obese rises by 2.5%. That's something that was studied at a college . . . I forgot which, but it was Harvard or Stanford or something. And it's a matter of psychology - people keep telling you to look past looks, but if you're fat, and you're accepted by your peers, you raise their chances of getting fat. Hate to say it so bluntly, but basically, seeing fat people as 'gross' or 'bad' is more beneficial to your health than seeing them as 'accepted'.

And idiots like you, 183, piss me off. You hate people because they are overweight? That is the most ridiculous thing ever. If you would like to correct yourself to something more explanatory then please do so quickly.

I just have to point out that even if you never touch junk food, maintain balanced diet, and drink nothing but lemon water, you can still be overweight if you can't/don't exercise. A person's diet can help to manage their weight but it is by no means an end all be all solution. Every person's body is different and they all handle things differently.

4Lonely2Stoner0 0

How is it ridiculous? I have never once in my life heard a fat person say, "I am fat because I eat too much and don't exercise." They always try to pin it on some other reason. Always.

OfficialxAmber 0

264 - I'm am slightly overweight because I don't eat and exercise as well as I should. Asshole. What ******* difference does it make?!

THAT 264, is what i wanted you to elaborate on. I must say, i have no problem with you hating fat people who blame everyone else for their problems, or whine and moan about it. However, if someone is over weight, and is perfectly happy with them selves, and wouldn't dare blame anyone but them selves, and you were to still hate them, then i would declare you an utter idiot.

Yeoj 0

@183 People who do not know the difference between "loose" and "lose" piss me off. What are you 12?

I agree with 264. It's not fat people that annoy me. It's the people that say,"I'm Fat because this, Fat because that". You need to stop making excuses. This can go for other situations too. Like people saying," I didn't graduate High School because my parents weren't supportive, or all the teachers hated me". Obesity is usually caused by Laziness, and that is that.

it must really suck being you. I'm sorry your penis never hit past the 2 inches mark. Karma is a bitch and you will get yours. You are a waste of oxygen.

amberv61 22

I'm really confused here. We are gonna bitch that overweight people need to change their lifestyle. That they need to eat better and exercise more. Then we are gonna go on to kick them out of events that will help them exercise more because they are overweight? How is this helpful in anyway? My sister is overweight. She has not once blamed her weight on anyone else, but herself. Which makes no sense to me since she eats way better than I do and exercises a lot more than I do. She is twice my weight and has been since we were younger. Don't generalize it makes you look like a dick

idkwhatmyusernam_fml 0

I would flip her over then spite on her

Yah, intelligent input darling, why don't you just have another beer then? -.- -Kate Nash reference ;D-

sounds like you care about yourself more than your daughter

This. Your daughter was just told that she's overweight and therefore incompetent and forced to stop doing what she no doubt loves, and all you seem to care about is a petty high schooler calling you fat.

I'm thinking...hoping...that the offense from the "fat mother" part of the comment was more insult to injury than anything else.

I read it differently. Something bad happening to somebody you love is awful, but being the root cause of it is horrible. (And hearing the people who did the former point out the latter is just the shit frosting on that whole crap cake.)

kameryn25 3

Today, my mom was more worried about a high school teenager calling her fat than me getting kicked off of the cheerleading squad because I'm obese as she constantly feeds me hotdogs and bon bon's. FML

@kameryn25 The girl's fifteen, even if the only thing mom ever made was hot dogs and bon bon's she's perfectly capable of saying "No thank you mother, I'd rather not eat myself into an early grave." For all we know though the OP make is a fine weight and makes perfectly balanced meals and just happens to have a daughter who eats too much.

I have never heard of anyone in the US getting kicked off of a high school cheerleading squad for being overweight...

TrueStory22 0

I'm sure it happens, or they don't get picked at all. If they are getting kicked off, they won't say that's the reason, even if it is.

ReynshineCutting 10

It can happen but more often than not, the bully cheerleaders make an overweight cheerleader quit because they bully them so much. In 7th grade we were having cheer tryouts and I was going to try out. the other girls laughed at me and said "You're too fat to be a cheerleader" so I ended up not trying out. My senior year of high school, at a size 14, I said **** them and joined the squad at a different school. One of the best things I've ever done and the other girls there were so supportive.

#9, and you still haven't. OP's from Australia.

TheDrifter 23

I thought the reason nobody hears about that in the USA is because they're so short on skinny girls that they have to go way up the weight scale to fill the squad. Maybe I should start a business making reinforced cheer stages, might make me a millionaire.

Thanks, I noticed. I was trying to say that obviously that doesn't happen in the US, but I guess it does, just not at my school.:)

Monikabug 9

I think a lot of it has to do with confidence too. I did cheer all 4 years of high school, but most of my friends outside of cheer told me they would never try out, because cheerleaders are looked at as being a certain way, and they simply didn't see themselves fitting that criteria. They weren't graceful enough, not fit enough, not tall enough, and countless other reasons. Lack of self-esteem ruined what could have been a great way to meet new people and stay active while having fun in high school.

lidemocr 0

when I was in high school there was a cheerleader who was "healthy"- I wouldn't call her fat at all but then by today's standards maybe she was. she was really really good and cheered her heart out. she was popular but mainly because she was incredibly kind to everyone. my point *finally* is that it is very possible for overweight girls to be good at cheer. the best teams have all types IMO

kristalove 4

At my school, it's one of the guidelines that there can't be any even slightly fat cheerleaders,, I live in Tennessee..

I've cheered since I was in 6th grade and never has any girl been denied because of her weight. But I definitely think that it would be so much harder in middle school than in high school!

stupid fat-ass, complaining on FMyLife instead of exercising

Now's the time to strap some KFC to the bonnet of your car when you drive past to pick your daughter up, I'm sure she'll hobble after it all the way home.

so long as there is starving kids in Africa I will have no sympathy for fatties

Jesus ******* Christ, people will NOT shut up about that. Yes, we know other countries struggle with it, but do YOU even do anything to help with it? If you don't, you have no ******* room to talk, and even if you do help, I will admire it, but just shut up for once. People do not need to be reminded of it constantly.