By Fatty1970 / Monday 23 May 2011 01:33 / United States
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By  haileemarie7  |  6

And this is why spanking should be legal...


I'm pretty sure it is legal in most (if not all) states. Most of the states define "abuse" based on location and severity of the injury. Bruising, fractures, any tears in the skin, ect. is considered abuse. But if their bottom is a bit red, then that's just discipline.

I MAY be wrong but I remember reading this recently.

  Riemurasia  |  0

I don't see this as reason to spank to be honest. Getting on her level and tell her she shouldn't say such things, sure, but in this case spanking is not necessary.

  MRobvious750  |  0

Fuck that "wolly wombat" you want that child punished for speaking her mind?! Let alone I am sure it's true considering little kids often haven't figured out to lie. Who is OP to moderate a dogs food when she herself can't control what she eats?

  Randuhh_17  |  4

I'm not saying spankin' is required in this case, because it's not...but when a child needs a spankin', they get it...
especially when schools are allowed to paddle your kids...and trust, they don't hold back with the paddle...


36, where the fuck did I say that this kid should be spanked? The ONLY thing I did was inform #3 that spanking is legal because he said that it isn't. So, MRobvious750 (I spelled your nick right, return the favor), learn to read a bit better before you start talking down on me.

Thank You :)

  haileemarie7  |  6

I'm not talking about spanking her just this once for saying words. But if she's saying such disrespectful thing to her mom about something that isn't even offending her, she's obviously a brat. Spanking would have prevented this.

  haileemarie7  |  6

Also, I live in Illinois. Which is rather strict with the laws. Weather it's illegal or not here, I'm pretty sure you'd go to jail if the officer didn't like it. Things are kinda ass backwards here.

  Psychotic_EGG  |  0

in Canada it is legal. same with the states. and I agree. discipline is something kids need. And a spank does that. now let's not confuse that with child abuse. no hitting the face and not hard enough to leave a bruise.


that's why this world is so screwed up, The kids that really need a whooping.... Never get one, and in some cases Kids that are good that don't really deserve it are getting whipped for nothing because they have idiot abusive parents!!!!

  OPrime9  |  0

that's how u get em in line chief 99% of kids who don't get spanked turn out to be little brats and assholes case in point 99% of super rich kids

  Jaxx66  |  21

I agree that bad kids need their asses spanked. but this wasn't a bad kid as other ls said. she was giving a witty comeback (even if it was whispered) if she does it all the time then yeah, gotta teach her now. I found with my sister who is 11 years younger than me that talking to them about social interactions before its to late, works wonders. sometimes kids just need a good talking too to explain why they shouldn't always say things like that.

now there are kids who just don't get the picture and do need reinforcement. but there are other kids who've never gotten discipline or anything till it was to late and their fed up crappy parents take it out on them. thank god OP doesn't seem to be like that.

  kims0706  |  10

Ok first, it is legal (at least where I live, but I guess it might not be where u live) and secondly of you didn't read it correctly it said her youngest kid, and she should've taught her that things like that offend people by talking to her, not physically, and I don't care if it's just on the butt either, hitting/spanking a child who hasn't even been taught that what she said was rude or offending is just plain wrong.

  InsanityShard  |  23

Never know if for some reason it can't- my dogs fat but he's a mini sausage dog, we do exersize him as much as we can but long walks are quite hard on his tiny legs. Also, Australia. I burned my foot taking the bins out today. Unless we could somehow get shoes for dogs on him, and find a way for him to deal with the heat while moving, there's no way to walk him any time soon.

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