By ZaraAce - 15/04/2011 11:38 - United Kingdom

Today, my husband of 30 years told me that he thought we should 'just be friends'. FML
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tell him "haha you're stuck now" and don't sign any divorce papers

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#9, I'm assuming that that's what OP's husband ment. And OP, just be like, thank God you said that 'cause I've been ******* your mate.

dirty piece of shit. cut his balls off.

shit.. of 30 years. just tell him to **** off and come back when hes changed him mind lol

OP I'm sooo sorry. Talk to him about how long he's been feeling this way, maybe it can be resolved. My grandparents were going to get a divorce after 51 years of marriage but they worked it out.

damn ^^^^^^. most of these comments have so much hate in them, you don't know the reason(s) of why he decided that. Anyways OP YDI for not paying attention to what went wrong in the relationship i mean 30 F-ing years? really?

I am sorry but no matter what you've gone through, when you've been with a person for 30 years it's going to be hard to hear that they want to leave.

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checkmyprofile. I love ur picture i actually laughed audibly.

Off course it is going to be hard and it is sad for OP but i mean all those comments up there.... But even if she was the best wife in the whole universe for those 30 years, and it seems that she still loves her husband, she still did not realize or probably she did not want to really see what was going on in the relationship and i think she was afraid to confront it and try to work things out.

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well since you wernt able to please him, he found himself someone that could.! fyl.

And chances are it hurt the husband just as much. I really doubt it was something he wanted. My mother was with my stepfather for 10 years, but was completely miserable for the last 3-4. She finally left him a few weeks ago. Despite the fact that she was in a loveless marriage, it still breaks her heart that she left him. She's understandably upset that her marriage failed. What I'm trying to say is that just because the husband left OP, it doesn't mean he isn't just as upset. It doesn't make him an asshole. Just because they've been together for 30 years doesn't mean they've been happy. Sometimes things just don't work out. Both you and your husband deserve to be happy, OP.

If it got to the point where he uses a lame high school breakup line instead of actually having a serious conversation and telling you the real reasons why he doesn't think the marriage works, dump his immature ass, feel shitty for a week or two, then go out and look for someone better. Or burn the house down, collect the life insurance on his fat lazy ass and live as a cougar. Your choice.

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97 you seem like a fkng bitch. you have no idea what happened like you said yourself. it's possible there werent any problems. irony or is it a female bitch troll?

I think 94/97 is on par here, all you people are raging without knowing any facts, for all you know he is leaving because she cheated on him, usually it ends up being the people that think they are owed something for being married that find themselves in these situations

She would probably still be his wife if she was "sucking" more often.

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now that's how you break off a marriage .....

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not even friends with benefits :( ?

Oh, didn't see? her husband of 30 years said he wanted to just be friends..

it took him 30 years to figure that out

Sorry to hear it. Hope you two can work it out.

I hate these dumb FMLs that is obviously not true! Grrrr.. waste of space!

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Darcon: what do you mean by they are "obviously not true"? Any of these FMLs could be fake, but that doesn't mean they are. You're breaking the rules by accusing without reason.

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me too, not sure why though it was just weird

that's the point of this website, it's supposed to be funny, why does everyone on FML suddenly become angry at people, this isn't an agony aunt site, shut up.

More like High School. That is totally a High School break up, not a way to ask for divorce lol.

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hahahaha so true. lets just be friends babe bhahahahahaha

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I know, right? Maturity doesn't always come with age.

tell him "haha you're stuck now" and don't sign any divorce papers

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How do you loose a game? I know how you can possibly lose a game, but I've never heard of loosing a game. Must be something new.

Here is florida you don't need both parties to agree on a divorce. When one wants out of a marriage he/she can legally divorce their spouse, even when the other half is set on refusing. I'm totally for this, no one deserves to be with someone they don't want.

But if you can't afford a costly divorce and your spouse just tosses it on you, I think you should have a right to refuse until you can afford it. I agree, no one should be with someone they don't want to be with, but there are circumstances where forcing a divorce on someone despite their disagreement is wrong.

Don't know where you are, but some places it does not matter if you sign or not. All it takes is one spouse to divorce.

I'm not arguing and saying it doesn't happen. I'm saying I disagree with people doing and allowing that in some circumstances.

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Well that's not right. He probably has someone he's been cheating on you or something. FYL