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By  PenguinPal3017  |  19

bottom energy

By  WeirdUS  |  29

Really depends on how you are doing it. Many women forget a penis is a sensitive thing and yes you can go crazy but there are somethings that are just uncomfortable across the board.

By  alycion  |  38

Sounds easily fixable with some guidance from him and more practice. If you are mature enough to have sex, you should be mature enough to talk with that partner on things you like and don’t like to find things you both like. And ways to mix things up.

  nonameDE  |  10

Yeah... teens.. forget to speak about, because of missing experience.

I just guess she was bending, so she reached a good point — but this is the most painful.

By  misswilwarin96  |  11

The main point here is: ask him what you did wrong and go from there.
But I honestly can't understand how you messed that up. I guess it depends on what position exactly. I prefer cowgirl to reverse cowgirl because it's easier to see what I'm doing.