By bored - 27/11/2012 18:05 - United States

Today, I've now worked on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, the weekend after that, and two days this week. My husband and son have had all that time off, and yet I've still ended up having to clean the dishes and the house after them on all of these days. FML
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Time for a mom strike.

Tell them to get off their lazy asses and give you a hand.


Well women have small feet for a reason

...w-what? That doesn't have to do with cleaning dishes at all...

crymore_fml 2

Where do I go to find me one of those!??

Small feet for what reasons? So they can run around on them to do everything for men!?! Sorry, but no. Men & women should treat each other equally

Time for a mom strike.

Seriously! Your husband and your son don't respect you, apparently.

hurtandabused 7

Lay down the law!!!!

sarahlove281 4

Agreed. Better yet, just stop doing everything. They'll get the message eventually.

huh, I was expecting to see a whole bunch of jokingly sexist comments on thats what she was expected to do. I am quite impressed by the fact that there arent any, at least not near the top!

cube501 2

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107- Then do some fucking work. I do at least half of the chores because my mom has things to do too.

why the hell were you not in the kitchen

Tell them to get off their lazy asses and give you a hand.

Or put down their cell phones and use both of them. :)

sgk4577 4

Why do u continue to do it!??

I need to get my mind out of the gutter. I read that as "give you head", which would have been a pretty hilarious thing for a mom to say.

Not's not that suggestive...

yeah, don't be such a pushover OP

Lazy motherfuckers

Hopefully only one is, literally.

Ha ha ha.



babygirl4855 11

Go on strike.

Take it up with them, really. Like now. You can't put up with this; everyone pulls their fair share. Your husband of all people should understand. Dish out the chores, OP!

OP should just stop cleaning up the mess. I'm sure they'll figure it out sooner or later.

90, this may be true but I know many men who probably wouldn't even notice the house was untidy let alone actually tidy it!

jjames7543 13

Wait, how'd you work a week and 2 days after Thanksgiving/Black Friday when this is the first week after? I'm confused... Edit: never mind, lack of sleep made me read this FML completely wrong. Please bury this

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jjames7543 13

45: I don't know, maybe because I wanted a little clarity. Yes I read the FML wrong but it's not like I can delete my initial comment, plus I was too tired to replace it with some witty comment. Why am I even explaining myself?

I could say the same to your pic

are those bedsores on your stomach? that turns me on!

Oh my god, cry me a river jeeez.