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  cptmorgan15  |  2

Mr. Gold, you're so quick to judge other peoples appearances. Yet you don't put a picture of yourself up. This the the second time I've seen you say something about others' pics today.

  insanesna1l  |  0

why would you start by saying sorry MrGold?
Sorry, but you are fat and ugly and have no teeth or arms and you smell. But i said sorry so you can't take offence to it

  yuggi1  |  11

1: Not necessarily, if they live together then it could be her trying to tell him to move the trash, mow the lawn, etc. If they don't live together, the mother could just be checking-in per week- got to make sure her son is okay.

  shannonreneee  |  11

My cousin loved WoW and he was the most popular kid in his school and everyone started playing it. Mind you it was a poor school and they didn't do any home work so they had the spare time

  odexy  |  12

I have no idea where WoW was mentioned in the OP's post. You must be an excellent reader.

As for OP, I'm not sure why that's an issue. I can't even remember the last time I got a text from someone. Not that I really care, because I kind of prefer hanging out with my friends rather than texting them... Texting feels so blah to me.

  tabarnak_fml  |  7

It's not about making friends... i have friends and they all know i hate texting. texting is stupid in my opinion, it makes us[the youngs of today] spell bad and always use the spellcheck when we write essays for our english class.

Please understand,

The sarcasm,

In the last,

Two sentences!

  TrueStory22  |  0

How does testing make you worse at spelling? If anything, people were already terrible at spelling before you started texting, but now everyone thinks it's cute and gives the lame excuse that it saves time.