By Avomitmous - United Kingdom - Bournemouth
Today, less than a week after moving in together, I decided to clean out my husband's messy room. In the process, I found a jar containing what appears to be a toenail collection. I don't think I'll ever regain my appetite. FML
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  Dthsapprntc  |  23

They are the toenail clippings from all his vanquished foes. Where others collect their enemies heads to put on spikes, this guy does the more fearsome toenail clipping in a jar. Oh, the horror...


Statistics are typically bull, kinda like the one you just threw out there. Many marriages fail because the couple does not know each others habits within the home. My husband and I had to wait until marriage to move in together or we would have had to pay for everything alone. Luckily we already had an apartment rented and I would sneak in the night to go stay with him. This way we learned hygienic habits about each other, what we liked and didn't like about living together, etc. Sorry for the long post, just know all too many marriages that failed because they DID NOT move in beforehand.