By Avomitmous - 09/02/2014 21:18 - United Kingdom - Bournemouth

Today, less than a week after moving in together, I decided to clean out my husband's messy room. In the process, I found a jar containing what appears to be a toenail collection. I don't think I'll ever regain my appetite. FML
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He really should have toed you about that.

At least you didn't find another woman's underwear :)


Sorry OP, that's really disgusting but at least he's not leaving them on the bathroom floor, I guess..

Why OP are you cleaning out his room after moving in together for a week? Why isn't he?

Toenails take a loooong time to decompose...

all I want to know is why the husband has a separate room

shaww 28

Hopefully they're only his toenails

They are the toenail clippings from all his vanquished foes. Where others collect their enemies heads to put on spikes, this guy does the more fearsome toenail clipping in a jar. Oh, the horror...

shaww 28

He collects toenails? He must be a murderer. You don't divorce for a silly hobby/fetish

Just in case you didn't notice...That was sarcastic... I know its hard to tell on the internet.

Then don't use sarcasm/stupidity over the Internet. Sorry. Couldn't tell which it was.

How was that sarcasm? You typed an overused comment for FMLs like this, thus that isn't sarcasm... It's idiocy

If you're going to use sarcasm on FML you have to warn them. They don't really understand it, ever.

jazzy_123 20

easy oke it's just a joke, maybe a bad one haha but don't kill eachother

At least you didn't find another woman's underwear :)

samquenda 8

Maybe you should have a chat with him...

You're just recently moving in with with your HUSBAND?

Some couples don't move in together until they're married. So maybe they had just gotten married and then she moved in. But we won't know until a follow up!

Your profile pic matches your comment perfectly! Still a dumb comment though.

ashsaunde 13

I didn't move in with my husband until a week before our wedding. It's not that weird. Some people like to wait.

Couples that move in together before marriage have an 80% chance for divorce.

Statistics are typically bull, kinda like the one you just threw out there. Many marriages fail because the couple does not know each others habits within the home. My husband and I had to wait until marriage to move in together or we would have had to pay for everything alone. Luckily we already had an apartment rented and I would sneak in the night to go stay with him. This way we learned hygienic habits about each other, what we liked and didn't like about living together, etc. Sorry for the long post, just know all too many marriages that failed because they DID NOT move in beforehand.