By Anonymous - 27/12/2009 22:34 - United States

Today, my boyfriend told me how he used to collect little things when he was younger. He then decided to tell me about his current big toe nail collection. FML
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is that a collection of big toe nails or a large collection of toe nails?

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just because of a odd collection? everyone has something a little different. you must be picky.

boatkicker 4

Idk. I think I'd be a bit disturbed by someone collecting bits that used to be attached to the human body. I'm not much for collecting things that used to be attached to any sort of living body. It just feels creepy to me. Skeletons, big game that you've had stuffed, toe nails, hair..... it all creeps me out about the same.

this is not just an odd collection. these are toe nails. toe nails. imagine where he keeps them. what he does with them. does he look through them every now and then, admiring past nails? are they all just his, or does he gather other people's too? does he get excited every time he clips/picks his nails, because it'll be another addition? does he have ocd? who knows. i mean, he couldn't have picked something less disgusting?

And i'd dump you because you look like 70 old granny so what?

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and you think that's a fml. get a life and punch yourself

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if you don't like people complaining, why do you come onto a website about people complaining?

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Most people I have noticed love complaining that people complain too much. It kind of entertains me.


is that a collection of big toe nails or a large collection of toe nails?

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EWWWWWWW! gross but if u love him then u should love him for who he is. even if he's a big toe nail collector. lol

it could always be worse, you know. he could collect.. hm. boogers, sperm samples, hell, even toilet paper covered in poo. but that's still weird either way, haha.

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check under his bed for a booger collection

Sick! Sick! Sick! And LOL@ #15's comments!