By feckingnasty - 26/01/2018 19:00

Today, I watched my husband pick his dead foot skin and say, "That's a keeper!" before putting it in his mouth. FML
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Someone seems to be reenacting Austin Powers in Goldmember

Posts like these make me wish there was a sick/vomit reaction to click on. Yuck!


What a coincidence! Your husband and the hunk of dead foot skin are both keepers!!! Consider yourself a lucky gal! Many ladies don’t even have a guy who thoughtlessly discards dead skin, let alone one who appreciates its value!

I've heard of people eating their boogers, but someone eating their dead skin is new.

Dustin Allen-Duwayne Lakey 16

Ever seen Austin Powers in Goldmember hahaha

Nope--that probably makes me lucky, huh? ;)

It's one thing to pick your dead foot skin and to be a bit fascinated with what you pull off, but eating it is just beyond the pale.

Someone seems to be reenacting Austin Powers in Goldmember

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Hopefully you don't plan on kissing him for a while.

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Zombies eat humans, but even they won't eat themselves. That's just wrong.

He’s gold he’s gold he’s gold he’s goldmember

If he does it again, tell him, "At least one of you is a keeper."