By Anonymous - 09/02/2014 19:00 - United States - Lowell

Today, I caught my boyfriend stealing money from my purse. He tried to turn it on me by claiming I'll owe him for the flowers he'll get me on Valentine's Day, then tried to make me feel guilty by saying the whole thing is for "selfish bitches anyway". FML
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Marty20612 5

Wow what a asshole... He needs to learn a few things in life

Kick his ass to the curb.


Marty20612 5

Wow what a asshole... He needs to learn a few things in life

Shew he sounds like the keeper type

Firstly , he can go fuck himself for calling us girls "selfish bitches" over Valentine's day . Second , knee him hard in the groin for stealing and making lame pathetic excuses . And last but not least (and I really hope you have the brains OP) dump the fuckhead . Clearly he's not worth it .

i don't disagree with you 36 but it does promote a lot of girls to be more selfish and unsatisfied with what they get especially after their friends brag over what they got most don't even get their men presents

buttcramp 21

yeah an asshole with some problems.. if he's stealing and then super defensive to the point he's name calling, he's got something big going on. I'd talk to him and see if he needs help of some kind, if not, dump him.

36 Those girls are going to be selfish no matter the occasion.

Haha they get all sentimental.

Sounds like she's not the only one he needs flower money for.

#50 Not all girls are like that . We are not all the same . That's a little sexist of you to say . That's like us girls saying "guys always want sex and they don't give a fuck about anything else" . I don't care about the money spent for me on valentine's day or any occasions . Just the thought of anything counts for me and just being with my man .

buttcramp 21

I agree with #73, stop generalizing.

metalcrazed 21

You can't assault someone for saying something you don't like, if you do you deserve jail time.

nollid7 5

I think you'd be an awesome partner ;) these other posters don't know what respect is for women.

#36, yes let's "kick him in the groin" for being a jerk. Would you also endorse hitting a woman for being unfaithful? Maybe spite and double standards like that are why people refer to you as a "selfish bitch".

#119 if my boyfriend ever called me a "selfish bitch" for a really stupid ass reason after I caught him stealing my money , I'd teach him a lesson . I give what I get , but twice as hard at least to let them know not to fuck with me . There is never any justice for these kinds of assholes unless you do it yourself .

Kick his ass to the curb.

Kick his ass to the freaking moon.

#2- I agree... She caught him this time, but he has probably done it before, and will do it again most likely.

nubbles10 13

I don't typically agree with the 'break up with him' comments that are all too common on this site, but this needs done. He is taking advantage if your trust, a thief, an clearly is trying to but a money value on love. All of those traits make for a shitty partner.

I agree with you #60. I think most people should try and work through their relationships, nothing comes easy. But in this case it would be better for OP to dumb him. People like that don't just "change" because you talk to them.

Haha, "this needs done". Sorry #60, that just reminded me of that FML where the Asian lady pinned the OP down in the salon to fix her eyebrows, and OP protested because she didn't want her eyebrows fixed, but the lady was like "I don't care, this needs done".

shaww 28

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CallMeMcFeelii 13

Why haven't I heard of this glorious day before!? Medium rare steak, and a blow job!? For me!? Too much awesomeness for my mind to comprehend such invaluable information. I am marking my calendar from now on.

Run fast, run far

And never look back!

Rainhawk94 27

Another overused comment and here's my overused response to it

Make your own valentine's day with blackjack and..

hookers? in your case I'm sure it changes to male strippers

in fact, forget the blackjack

TallMist 32

#46 and the Valentines.

Wow, I'm sorry. You don't deserve that. If he really cared, the amount of money he spent wouldn't matter. You can't put a price on love. I hope he comes to his senses soon.

metalcrazed 21

But she is putting a price on love,she wants gifts not love.

Two words, "Dump Him"...

I don't say this often, but I think this is a deal breaking offense. Dump him.

Yeah, for once I can agree with dumping him. Which doesn't happen very often.

JMichael 25

What an asshole. His reasoning is pathetic.

I suspect that reasoning is a cover-up of a pathetic attempt to gain an upper hand.