By Grrr - 20/07/2012 07:58 - United States - Salem

Today, I was walking in my apartment when I felt something stab my foot. Thinking it was a piece of glass, I looked down. It was one of my roommate's toenail clippings. FML
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Put your toenail clippings under the covers in his bed!

You see a toenail, I see an ingredient for the next time he/she has a meal >:)


Put your toenail clippings under the covers in his bed!

OP that is incredibly gross. You have a gross roommate. But do what 1 said and put them in his bed. It will teach tour roommate a lesson.

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I do believe there are times when you clip your toe nails, and they go flying somewhere unknown. However for this reason it should be done outside.

Way to assume the room mate is a guy...

41- sorry. I didn't check the gender, and as some men can be gross like that, I assumed a man did it. I wasn't trying to be sexist.

40- Who does it outside? Just do it in the bathroom or over a trashcan and be as careful as you can.

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Where the Hell do you live where the grass is sharp enough to stab your foot?

Clip your toenails and spread them all over your roommates pillow ;)

Sorry 2, I stole your comment by less then a minute ;)

put it in his orange juice ... he will think its pulp ;)

That is so nasty!! Excuse me while I go puke.

Do you have some sort of toenail phobia? It's not THAT disgusting.

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I would love to hear your explanation on this one 4.

#60, I've done this to myself. *blush* I use the bathtub for clipping, but one of those suckers flew. Got out in bare feet... ouch! Yes, my own bad.

60- Right, my bad. Of COURSE she can tell her toenail clippings apart from her roommate's clippings at a glance after brushing it off her foot. I'm just saying, it's possible the clipping was her own.

Is finding a toenail clipping on the floor really gross enough to need a new roommate? I think that's a bit extreme

Violates the roommate agreement. Haha yes that's gross. It's a lack of respect for others

You see a toenail, I see an ingredient for the next time he/she has a meal >:)

TriflingAllDay 6

That's pretty gross. However, before you get revenge, talk to him about it, because it probably wasn't intentional, and tell him to clip them over a trash can or something. That's not an unreasonable request, so i'm sure he'll be fine with it. If that doesn't work, go ahead and put nails in his bed or something to get him back.

Didn't see OP was a girl, subsitute all the "hims" for "hers". Sorry!

17- that's EXACTLY what happened with my comments lol.

Hey, everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

No way! I always thought toenail clippings were interior decorations that are always renewable and can be cut down in a few weeks, therefore not nasty. Boy was I wrong.

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Sarcasm.... Does it ever get old