By lizzard0416 - 30/11/2012 03:00 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, I was going to give my baby daughter an empty Pringles tin to play with on the floor. I saw some crumbs at the bottom, so I emptied the can in my mouth before I gave it to her. I crunched hard and spat them out, realizing my boyfriend had just cut his toenails into the can. FML
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crazy4books23 13

Weird, I accidentally had toenails in my mouth once too. I feel your pain OP.

ninjuh_wingman 29

A Pringles tin is like the best toy ever besides the ever popular cardboard box.


crazy4books23 13

Weird, I accidentally had toenails in my mouth once too. I feel your pain OP.

Because of rule 34, all I can think of right now is how somewhere, someone gets turned on my toenails in their mouth...

51- we can safely assume that no one knows what 'rule 34' is. Sadly, from this we can also assume that the world needs more interwebs.

kdog333 1

what i wanna know is, why would you give your kid an empty pringles can?

Kids will play with anything they can get their hands on. Atleast OP can say she took one for her kid incase he ended up eating the toenails somehow. For that OP, *claps hands* respect.

Same. Clipped them into a soda can that I put on my nightstand to toss out later. Subsequently forgot, and tried to drink from it in the middle of night -___- It's gross, but I don't think it's that uncommon!

57-both??? I don't know. I wasnt trying to be funny, its just now whatever runs through my head when someone brings up a fetish of some sort

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That's not how you use the word "kudos" bro

^^ that's how it's done. take notes.

People act like they've never carelessly clipped away their nails and just planned on-- one day vacuuming them up. Maybe it's changed with more and more girls getting pedis at salons?

I was being sarcastic. Perhaps is was a bad attempt at it, bro.

shyeahh_fml 19

32 - I still clip mine on the floor and eventually just vacuum it up. It's the best way.

No it wasn't a bad attempt, I got the sarcasm right away.

I used to clip mine and intend to vacuum them later, but then I went looking for something under the couch and took a toe nail to the knee. True Story.

@32: I clip mine outside, preferably in the grass. I've never had to think about cleaning them up since. Isn't never even having to remember to clean them up later truly the best way? :D

I used to clip my toenails and then vacuum before i took a arrow to the knee. 58 i couldn't resist im sorry

I think a toenail to the knee would be more appropriate in this situation. Haha

Take notes while I take tokes of this marijuana smoke...

Do you people not see #53's comment? She already did the proper version of the "arrow to the knee" joke, before anyone else mentioned it...

citymayer 7

I hope you had some listerine on hand...

sugarshane007 20

Some things even mouthwash can't cleanse.

GhettoXmuffin 7

Some morphine would would probably do the trick.

Bleach too... might be overkill though.

citymayer 7

9- Yeah you're right. Mouthwash will never get rid of the memory of crunching on toenails. Bleach might though...

BusinessTurtle 8

Everclear alcohol should do the trick. Enough of that and it'll be as if that day never happened.

I_Hug_Cats 26

dirty mouth? clean it up with orbit. (:

tjolivas 9

And he didn't throw it away...?

strawberrywine22 30

I imagine if he was so lazy he had to put them in the Pringles can to begin with, he was probably too lazy to throw them away. Better than my husband...he leaves them all over the floor!

The floor? Gross. Where did these guys grow up? A barn??? I've never done either of those and I never would. That's disgusting.

crazytwinsmom 25

Better than finding them on the kitchen counter. I'm still trying to figure out who!

I don't know about you guys, but I leave my toenail clippers in the bathroom. So I don't go anywhere else with them :P

sugarshane007 20

Ah the flagrant taste of toe-fu. Nothing quite like it.

strawberrywine22 30

When I was a kid I thought tofu was toe-food. I thought it was the stuff between your toes, and that your toes ate it.

You must've had a disturbing childhood! D: Or maybe that's just me. I hate feet. -____- The thought of Toes being alive and eating things.......uuuuughhhhhh.

iOceanus 18

Unless 6 means to say "Who eats their boyfriends toenail clippings left in a Pringles can?", in which case the answer would be OP.

ninjuh_wingman 29

A Pringles tin is like the best toy ever besides the ever popular cardboard box.

Guess this is a time where after you pop you CAN stop.

There's two thing I don't understand about this. 1- Why were you going to give the baby an empty can of Pringles? 2- Who cuts their nails into a empty tin? I guess some people collect...

strawberrywine22 30

Have you ever been a child? It's almost as good as a cardboard box! A kaleidoscope or telephone can only be what they are, but a Pringles can, can be anything in the world!

1. to play with 2. lazy people who don't want to get up to throw them out

Cardboard boxes are the best fun ever! I remember turning large empty boxes into gingerbread houses etc...

Hell, I still play with cardboard boxes and Pringles cans.

Ugh! That sounds super gross. Truth be told, I wouldn't be able to resist those yummy crumbs either (eye).