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I know right, 27? I love starving to death in the dunes, and at times getting stung by a scorpion whilst trying to find my way out! It's truly lovely and charming.


I think we all threw up a little after reading this... FAOL(f**k all our lives) :/ just disgusting..


How are you not sure if you threw up a little or not? Lol normally that's something I'm pretty aware of occurring or not lol


The comments to this FML are bigger fails than the FML itself lol people are really struggling to spell with their responses lol or I guess I should say they are struggling to find the correct words lol

So that means his other toe nail clippings are laying around somewhere in his bedroom vs in the trash?

Thats pretty bad, compare it to my roommate who washes her hair in the sink with dawn. A couple times... My bowls were in there.

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