By fububc - 05/02/2010 15:14 - France

Today, I went out for a smoke before dinner. I glanced through the window only to see my husband take my cooking scissors, cut his toe nails and then put them back in the utensils canister without washing them. FML
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hahaha. you should have gone back in and started a conversation while casually using the scissors to cut your pubic hairs and see what he does

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YDI for smoking! naaah just kidding, that's gross!


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At least he doesn't trim with the scissors. Adding THAT kind of personal touch to the food would be going too far. Enjoy the enhancement your lovely husband is providing to your cooking.

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suck it up. I personally think smoking is more disgusting than what he did.

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agreed smoking is MUCH more disgusting

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 What a major nasty ass. That's gross.

Are you stupid or what? Smoking more disgusting than that? Gosh...

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Tell you what. I'll smoke a cig while you eat toe nails and we'll see how you feel about it afterwards. :P

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YouFailForLife fails for life. You cut chicken with scissors you idiot.

I know smoking is a disgusting habit, no one is perfect but come on people… It’s like any one of you going to a restaurant or a friends place for dinner. After the meal you find out that the utensils that were used to cook your meal were first used to groom body parts, wouldn't that make you ill? PS I always brush my teeth or rinse my mouth after a cig.

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OP is right guys. Lots of people smoke, don't bag on this one just because this smoker admitted it. I'm sure most of you see a smoker on the streets and don't pay him a single mind. What OP's husband did was greusome. And that's the focus of this FML, not the fact that OP smokes. Lots of people smoke.

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No, I'm 14 you idiot! I can't smoke. Besides it's ******* disgusting.

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smoking is more disgusting.. sure the grooming utencils to make the food will make u a little bit woozy, but smoking kills your lungs, your brain, and your heart.. plus ur inhaling tar, and chemicals from toilet bowl cleaners.. to me thts a little bit more digusting.. but eh thts jst my opinion

The point is that in the long run, what the OP's husband did was not really that disgusting. There are worse things living in your mouth at all times. Plus, assuming you use those scissors for cooking, anything you use should get cooked to a proper temperature, killing any bacteria. Even if this was disgusting, I see no FML at all. If it really bothers you, go into the house and wash them. Jesus effin jimminey.

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Well, when you make that point roobear, I guess it's reasonable. Maybe the real FML is in the fact that OP smokes?

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I'm pretty sure that a 14 year old can infact smoke, you just simplely choose not to. Which is a good thing I might add.

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I didn't say that they can't smoke. Just that's it's against the law. I don't plan on smoking anyways. It's disgusting. Hope OP got the hint :)

Yeah, hello,CLEANERS fool. That means it's fine. If it was chemicals from a toilet bowl, I'd be worried.

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I think that if you can rag on smokers and give them hell, then I should be able to run up to an obese person and yell "FATASS!! STOP EATING MCDONALDS!!" It's all perspective really.

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I'm curious to know what's going on with the nail clippers.

come on, no one is perfect, but using cooking utensils to groom ?

I don't think so.. if someone cooked dinner for you with utensils that they used to groom themselves with you'd be pissed but a smoker you have the choice to kiss them or not, right?

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yeah, BARF!!!! But, that's what you get for smoking!!!

@ajjas. you are 14 and you say smoking is disgusting? please speak only when you have actually lived life. thank you

I agree with #31. If it's such a problem just wash them. Or buy new scissors. You can always buy new scissors, but not new lungs. They say every cigarette takes a day off someone's life, even if it's second-hand smoke. Maybe your husband was trying to say something to you indirectly.

So many of you simple minded ***** are so easily influenced by propoganda. It's actually quite pathetic.

Ajjas103, hearing you say that smoking is disgusting has made me reevaluate my life. Starting today, I quit. Oh wait, no I don't. Your opinion has no effect on the actions of anyone else. Smoking has nothing to do with this FML, and everyone should mind their own business.

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Honestly, I never meant to influence anyone. I don't give two ***** about smoking. You guys are free to live your life. My opinion is that anything that wastes money and at the same time severely damages your health should be a bad thing. Maybe I'm wrong but that's my perspective. I've met some smokers in person and even they know that smoking is disgusting. It's addiction that prevents them from quitting however. You choose to smoke, and live your life and I'll go my own path. Everyone's happy :)

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I do! The information that smoking is harmful isn't only viewable and presented in the form of propoganda. Research and studies both show that smoking is harmful. Not only commercials. If you're still in denial go ahead and compare the lungs of a smoker to a non smoker and tell me what they both look like. Or you could make up another excuse as to why your teeth are yellow and you get sudden heart attacks after 30 years of smoking.

Just because someone smokes doesn't mean that they don't know it's bad. People that are fully cognizant of the consequences of their vices still hold onto those vices.

well he is improving your cooking just be happy

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The fact that the OP did not know that he'd been doing this for God know's how long is the reason this is so disturbing. So she had, in essence, been cutting various foods (not only meats that are then cooked to a proper temp) and serving them to herself and perhaps a family as well. And as for the people talking about smoking...that was hardly the point of this woman's FML. When did the world become so close minded? Smoking may not be beautiful, but it's a habit that is incredibly difficult to quit. If you have never had a terrible addiction, you don't get to comment on other's bad habits. You don't understand, and you are probably very young and naive.

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The fact that the OP had not known about her husbands activity is what makes her story so disturbing. She had been, in essence, cutting various foods (not just meats that are cooked to a proper temp) and serving them to herself and perhaps her family as well. And as for the smoking? That was hardly the point of this woman's FML. Smoking may not be beautiful, but it's an addiction that is extremely difficult to quit. You don't get to rag on others' addictions if you've never been there yourself. When did the world get so close minded? If you have nothing better to do than to berate this woman for smoking, which is something all smokers already feel shame for, than you have never been in this woman's shoes, and are probably very young and potentially very naive.

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I understand very well that smoking is incredibly hard to quit. I've seen relatives attempt numerous times to quit and fail. And I acknowledge that it's hard to quit. However, it's still bad for you, and OP should at least know that smoking is a hundred times more harmful than what her husband did. Maybe that will give her some motivation to try quitting. Sure I'm young but I'm not so ignorant to blame the OP right away for smoking. Maybe there are two FML's in here?

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Being a smoker myself, i can tell you that it there is absolutely nothing a bunch of random online people can do to make me quit. Hell, I don't even listen when my mother or boyfriend of 7 years begs me to quit. I, of course, already know of all the harmful chemicals that form a terribly nauseating list of reasons to stop, but alas, i do not. And i work in the medical field. In fact, the doctor i work for has a cork board dedicated to quitting that I must walk by each morning. There isn't a thing in this free world that could stop me from smoking, save for perhaps getting pregnant. I do intend to quit, just as the OP most likely does as well. It is just the most difficult thing imaginable. It is also the most satisfying, most wonderful thing. Poison yes, but nice...hell yes. Anyway, I respect everyone's opinion but, wow, can we all stop already? I tend to only listen to actual smokers when it comes to advice on this topic... Oh, and, central to the story....don't cut your toenails with cooking shears. ;)

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Jesus, write a damn book on it!!

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Thats what you get for smoking

Good for you for brushing your teeth after smoking op, that's good :) And at least you acknowledge that smoking isn't good and you go outside for it :) Your husband doing that is gross! However it is absolutely nothing like going to a restaurant and having toenails in your food or having unclean practices in the kitchen; it's a whole different scenario :)

hahaha. you should have gone back in and started a conversation while casually using the scissors to cut your pubic hairs and see what he does

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op tell him u have fungal nails and use those scissors to cut ur toenails xD

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OP's hubby here. If she was to trim her pubies with those same scissors I would support her decision on personal grooming.

hahahah! good for you for supporting :)

That's disgusting! You seriously need to talk to him about that. I hope you wash those before you use them.

How else is she supposed to get the "crunch" in her secret recipes?

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YDI for smoking! naaah just kidding, that's gross!

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And why is she out of the kitchen? Women have no right to leave when food is cooking!

That's grounds for divorce. Seriously.

no it's good she saw a) she can confront him b) she won't cook without knowing it and get germs in the food

YDI for smoking! You're the gross one.

I was going to say I'm not sure which half of the couple has a more disgusting habit. So you have to eat tiny traces of his feet but he has to kiss you. Sounds about even to me.

"Isn't smoking just as disgusting?" Looks like you guys just came up with the next (Y) ad.

Men are disgusting, it's entirely possible he would not even care.

We're disgusting. Right. Just like all women are conceited, back-stabbing snobs.


when I confronted him with it he gave me a look that indicated "what's the bug deal" I had to shake my head and walk away.

lol, the OP commented. My roommate used to do stuff like that, but thankfully to his own things. I hated it, so I feel for you OP. But I recommend not walking away from it, tell him why its wrong, some people are seriously clueless.